About Us

Hello and welcome to the Rod and Reel Guide website.

As a bunch of avid fishermen we love nothing more that trying out new gear when we head out on a trip. Sure we have our favourites and reels, rods, line and lures we can't live without but are always open to trying something new.

We are very open and offer honest reviews based on experience or in-depth research online to find the best fishing products so you have some clear direction when you are next looking for a new piece of kit.

Our main fishing expeditions take us to rivers all over the world and both brownies and rainbow trout are among our favourite fish to catch. 

We have fished with all the gimmicks and new wonder baits out there and have nailed down our top trout fishing lures into sort of top three lists. These are not set in stone so if you have a go to lure you cannot leave home without then let us know by contacting us or leave a comment on one of our pages and we will take a look.

Always friendly and open to trying new things the team at Rod and Reel Guide are here to help in any way we can. If you have a product you would like us to review then let us know.

Tight Lines Folks...