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KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel Review

There has been a lot of hype and discussion about the Kastking Royale Legend Baitcasting Reel so I decided to get myself one and see what all the fuss was about.

After unpacking the reel and loading it up with some Spiderwire braid it was off to the river to test it out.​​

All I can say is - What a Reel.​​

This is an awesome baitcasting reel for the money​.​​

KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

3,108 Reviews

KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

  • PERFORMANCE - Low profile design bait caster with a super silent high speed 7.0:1 line retrieve.
  • UNMATCHED – Precision cut brass gear structure and carbon fiber drag system delivering 17.5 LBs of drag offer the ultimate in a high performance low maintenance baitcasting reel package.
  • PROVEN - 11 + 1 shielded MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearings for super smooth casting, retrieve, and long life.
  • TOURNAMENT READY - The new Royal legend bait caster has state of the art dual brakes with a quick, easy to fine-tune reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for superior casting control.
  • DYNAMIC - Two color anodized aluminum forged multi-ported whiffle-style spool offers maximum strength while reducing weight.


After fishing with this reel for a few months now I have to admit that it is brilliant. Given the price point there is nothing that can touch it in terms of quality and usability. 

The drag settings once adjusted have saved me from the usual birds nesting and by using braided line on a nice Abu Garcia rod I always feel in control and have landed some nice fish. Even pulled in a Pike a week or so ago in Ireland​ which was great sport. 

The only thing you need to worry about it getting the drag right if you are using light lures. Now this could just be my technique which I need to work on but I found sometimes I wasn't getting the distance on my casts that I normally get.​

Quality wise there is no faults at all with the baitcaster. Spool is running free, no noise from the gear and paint etc is still perfect. It is nice and light and have had some marathon fishing sessions without any issues at all.

So what do you get?

​The first thing you notice about this reel is the looks. 

The sleek low profile style in black with the chrome features and red inlay really makes this reel stand out.

You also get a nice reel cover in the box - made from the same stuff wetsuits are made of so you can keep it covered when not in use. A nice touch I was not expecting as it wasn't mentioned anywhere when I was doing my research.

There is a full set of instructions complete with an exploded view of the reel showing all the moving parts.

The final thing that came in the box was a $10 voucher off your next purchase from Kastking. Another nice touch. Maybe this will be used to buy some of their excellent line in the near future.​

royal legend reel from kastking
baitcasting reel
baitcasting reel cover

This Kastking Royale reel is far from your average fishing reel. It’s actually a very solid built reel and performs flawlessly. The baitcasting reel is made lightweight for anyone who’s going to be fishing for the whole day and fits perfectly in your hands. The smooth action with multiple drag points let you very quickly tune your fishing and drop your lure exactly where you want it to go – every time.

It comes complete with 3 different drag options so you can really tune in your casts and avoid backlash and ​bird-nesting your line. As mentioned above I decided to load up the reel with braided line. We have a full review on the best braided line over on this page.

When I arrived at the river I tied on a heavy enough lure just to get the feel of this first. I set the drag fairly stiff and fired off a few casts - each time I backed off on the drag a bit until I got used to the reel action.

I then changed lures and tied on a Rapala F5 which weighs next to nothing to see how that would perform. I was on a trout river and they love this lure so, even ​though I was just practicing there was a chance that a nice brownie could have taken the lure and gone on a run.

In order to set the drag this time I backed off nearly all the drag until the just the weight of the lure is enough to pull the line from the spool when the reel is set to open. Now note this is a very light lure made from balsa so be careful. At this setting if you force the cast you will definitely end up with a birds nest...

I flipped the lure into the river with a few easy casts - not pushing for distance but just letting the lure weight carry it as far as it would go.

A small bit of tweaking of the magnetic drag settings and everything was set.​

The magnetic drag is great for tuning the final stages of your cast - just when the lure is starting to slow down before it hits the water.​

magnetic drag baitcasting reel

​Setting The Drag System on your Baitcasting Reel

The first couple of times I tried casting a baitcasting reel I made a complete mess of the line. I spent more time untangling things that day that I actually spent fishing. To avoid that happening again I spent a fair bit of time working through all of the settings on my reel to make sure I was good to go.

There are three main drag settings on any good baitcasting reel and the Kasting Royale is no exception.​

​1. Spool Tension Setup

The Spool tension avoids line tangles after the lure hits the water

​Spool tension is the small nob that is inline with your spool. This always sits on the same side as the handle of your reel and is used to adjust the tension on the spool itself. It is used mainly to control the speed at which the spool runs when you cast. Open it up fully and the spool will freewheel out of control but once you get this set up to suit the weight of your lure you can leave it alone and enjoy hassle free casting all day long.

The best way to tune your spool tension is to first tighten up the tension fully, tie on your lure and hold the rod out horizontally. With the tension set to tight the lure should not move at all.

Slowly adjust the tension nob until the lure drops to the ground but keep an eye on your spool. When the lure hits the ground the spool should sop straight away. If it doesn't then you will end up with tangles in your line when you cast. You might have to have a few runs at this but trust me it's worth it.

In summary the tension screw stop you getting overruns on your spool when the lure hits the water. The next drag setting we want to talk about is magnetic braking.

Magnetic Braking Setup​

The Magnetic Braking Drag avoids line tangles while the lure is in the air.

When you first start fishing with a reel like this it is always advisable to set the magnetic drag to high.

You will notice that your casts while smooth are fairly short but controlled. The reason for this is the magnetic drag on the reel. The spool tensioner is controlling the spool until the lure hits the water but the magnetic drag is holding things back a bit.

I normally start with the magnetic drag on full and after a cast or two I back it off a step or two. The Kasting King reel has setting from 0 to 9 so start at 9 to be on the safe side.

After about three or four casts I will end up with the reel sitting on number 6. The first thing you will notice after adjusting this drag is that your lure will cast further each time but the line will stay in situ on the reel. Back it off too much and you will end up with the dreaded bird's nest.

There is no exact science to this setup and it varies with each lure but it's something you must do before you go fishing. ​

You can’t talk about the braking system without talking about the line-retrieve system of the Kastking royal which is pegged at an impressive 7.0.1.

Value for Money

The Kastking Royale Legend doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, unlike several big names in the baitcasting industry, so you don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money to enjoy your favorite hobby.

This reel is sure to be your go-to choice with which to fish for the entire day, and you will not run into any issues with it. It has an over-sized flat-sided EVA foam soft grip reel handle which makes it a lot softer and reduces fatigue. The comfortable non-slip grip will make sure that even under wet conditions you will still be able to reel in those monster fish.

The Royal Legend fishing reel is best used with a KastKing baitcasting rod, although just about any quality rod will do. I have mine paired with an Abu Garcia rod at the moment and this makes for a very lightweight setup that can handle up to 20 lb. line. It is also a notch higher than its predecessor in regards to speed, power, and even that professional look.

The KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel is incredibly lightweight. Its low-profile design makes it easy to fit in your hand. The removable side plate can easily be accessed and quickly removed at any time. This reel includes 11 + 1 shielded MaxiDur ball bearings, 17.5 lbs. of carbon fiber drag, and heaps of other features that you will come to love.


  • Low-profile design bait caster with a super silent high speed 7.0:1-line retrieve for the best performance
  • Unmatched precision cut brass gear structure and carbon fibre drag system which gives you 17.5 lbs. of drag while remaining low maintenance
  • Proven 11 + 1 shielded MaxiDur corrosion-resistant ball bearings which make this fishing reel ready for smooth casing, retrieve and long life
  • It is tournament ready, thanks to its state-of-the-art dual brakes, which gives you a quick and easy way to fine tune the reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake systems used for its casting control


One of the key selling points of the KastKing Royal reel is the pricing. Set at a very reasonable price, you can’t afford not to consider the Legend as your go-to reel.

The KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel is one of the best tournament-ready models available on the market right now. This powerful baitcasting fishing reel gives you a lot of features that you will definitely need to keep up a high level of performance. Rest assured your fishing will be fast, controlled and precise with this reel.

The performance of the KastKing Royale Legend Baitcasting Fishing Reel is unparalleled. It is a low-profile design bait caster, which means that you do not have to worry about any sounds bothering your focus, especially during tournaments. It runs with a super silent high speed 7.0:1-line retrieve.

This simply cannot be matched thanks to its precision cut brass gear structure and the carbon fiber drag system that gives you a maximum of 17.5 lbs. for support.


A little maintenance is needed to keep this reel in prime condition, but that’s not uncommon with any reel to be honest. Look after your kit and it will look after you. A quick check to make sure that everything is in tip-top condition every time before going on your fishing trip.

KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

3,108 Reviews

KastKing Royale Legend High Speed Profile Baitcasting Fishing Reel

  • PERFORMANCE - Low profile design bait caster with a super silent high speed 7.0:1 line retrieve.
  • UNMATCHED – Precision cut brass gear structure and carbon fiber drag system delivering 17.5 LBs of drag offer the ultimate in a high performance low maintenance baitcasting reel package.
  • PROVEN - 11 + 1 shielded MaxiDur corrosion resistant ball bearings for super smooth casting, retrieve, and long life.
  • TOURNAMENT READY - The new Royal legend bait caster has state of the art dual brakes with a quick, easy to fine-tune reliable centrifugal and magnetic brake system for superior casting control.
  • DYNAMIC - Two color anodized aluminum forged multi-ported whiffle-style spool offers maximum strength while reducing weight.


The Royale Legend Baitcasting Reel is one of the best models you can find if you have an eye for detail to catch any faulty components. You have a lot of features to take advantage of with this reel, and the low price of it makes it an affordable alternative to those high-end baitcasting fishing reels. The magnetic braking system and the speed of line retrieving are some important details not to miss out on. If you are serious about going fishing for bass or carp, or some other aquatic creature with fins and gills, you should consider opting for one of these fishing reels.


Plastic Worms | The Best Bass Worms

There is no better bait to fish with than a lure that imitates real food to bass. Rubber worms have been around in some shape or form for as long as I can remember and the beauty of them is you don’t have to dig them up before you head out fishing…

Every tackle shop you go into these days has rows of different types of bass worms, and for a very good reason - they are dynamite for catching big bass. A great way to gauge the effectiveness of any lure is to see what the Pro’s are using and I guarantee you this - they will all stick a rubber worm on their hook when they need a hook up.

Effective all year round rubber bass worms are a must have for any serious bass fisherman.

best bass worms

So lets take a quick look at some of the best bass worms out there and then follow on with how you rig these up to catch your next trophy bass.

This worm is great for both Largemouth and Smallmouth bass and you should always have a selection in your tackle bag. When all else fails out on the water stick a rubber worm on your hook and hold on tight.​

Senko Worm - Best Bass Worms Ever

To be honest if you are going out fishing for bass with rubber worms then the holy grail of all bass worms is the Senko by Gary Yamamoto.

Yamamoto Senko 4', Blue Black w/Large Chartreuse

1,120 Reviews

Yamamoto Senko 4", Blue Black w/Large Chartreuse

  • Try rigging this bait wacky style or texas rigged and experience the versatility the Yamamoto Senko provides.
  • Simple yet effective
  • The fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated in the body drives fish mad.
  • Available in several proven colors.
  • Quantity of 10

The Senko worm was where it all started and today it still stands out as the top bass worm on the market. Certainly our favourite this salt loaded rubber worm catches our best fish all day long.

Super versatile, you can rig up this worm in many different ways which we cover further down the post.

From looking at this bait you wouldn’t think too much of it but it actually has great action in the water and a slow undulating retrieve with pitching and letting it drop proves irresistible to bass.

Our preference is black as thats the colour we have caught the best fish on but there is a huge range of options to choose from especially if you are fishing dirty or cloudy water.​

Plastic worm techniques vary for the Senko but we like to use a Texas Rig or to Wacky Rig these worms.​

How To Fish Rubber Worms For Bass

Fishing with rubber worms is very effective but there are a few things you need to know before you get started.

First thing to look at is rigging up your rubber worm​. There are three main methods which we cover in more detail below on how to rig a soft plastic worm:

1. Wacky Rigging Rubber Worms​

The easiest way to rig up your rubber bass worm is to use a wacky rig.

Take the worm and stick a wide gap hook through the middle of it.

This lets the worm wiggle about in it’s most natural form as it sinks into the water.

bass worms wacky rig

The best way to fish this is weightless. Just cast it out into your swim and let it sink to the bottom. Every so often lift the rod tip and move the worm off the bottom and let it sink again. Most bass trikes come when the worm is sinking down again.

Make sure you keep a bit of tension on the line because when fishing with a Senko the bite pattern is not the same as a normal lure. There is no sudden strike - the bass usually suck the worm into their mouths so you need to be ready to strike and set the hook before they spit it out again.

If you want to add some weight to your worm to get it deeper into the swim quicker then add a few small spit shot weights (lead free if possible) and away you go.

Another thing to note is that this type of fishing can cause twists in your line so we recommend using a small swivel about 18 inches up the line.​

We would also recommend using weedless hooks like the ones below to keep you from getting caught up if you are fishing in water prone to weeds.

Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook-(

47 Reviews

Gamakatsu Wicked Wacky Hook-(

  • Significantly increase you chances of Landing the catch
  • Made environmentally friendly
  • Used by professional anglers worldwide
  • Color is black.
  • features a durable, hand-tied weed guard to provide necessary snag protection

One challenge you get with wacky rigging worms is the fish tend to tear your worms up fairly quickly. I saw a guy using o-rings before where he ran the point of the hook through an o-ring and tightened this around the worm - thus avoiding the hook tearing through the worm.

Here is a great video from LunkersTV showing you how to fish plastic worms and the different styles used. Check it out...

Texas Rig For Big Bass On Worms

If you have challenges with weeds in your swim then you should consider using the Texas Rig.

This 100% weedless technique can save you a fortune on lost tackle.

We like to fish these when faced with deep cover on the lake and need to get the bait down to the bait without getting caught up all the time.

texas rig bass worms

You simply stick the hook point through the head of the rubber worm and push the worm up the shaft of the hook to the head. Pierce the worm and expose the hook curve so only the straight staff of the hook is covered.

Spin the hook around and stick the point back into the worm but leave it covered. This protects the hook point from getting snapped up in the weeds when you cast it out.

Cast out the worm and let it sink to the bottom through the weeds. Every now and again twitch or lift the rod tip and let the bait sink again. You are sort of dancing it across the lake or stream bed.

The best bites usually come on the drop and the bite pattern is like a small tap. Strike the rod, set the hook and hold on.

If you need to add some additional weight to the bait then use a sliding sinker straight through on the line. This will give you additional casting distance but also help the bait get through the weeds and down to the fish. When the Bass grabs the worm the sinker slides up the line out of the way and doesn't bother the Bass.

During the summer months the fish tend to hang about under weed cover out of the heat so this is where the Texas Rig comes into it’s own.

Kit wise you are going to need the following to get your texas rigs setup:


Zoom Magnum II Worm-Pack of 20 (Plum, 9-Inch)

131 Reviews

Zoom Magnum II Worm-Pack of 20 (Plum, 9-Inch)

  • Number one in fishing sports
  • Manufactured in the country of China
  • Made of the highest quality material

Gamakatsu 25 Pack EWG Offset Worm Hook (Black, 3/0)

342 Reviews

Gamakatsu 25 Pack EWG Offset Worm Hook (Black, 3/0)

  • Significantly increase you chances of Landing the catch
  • Made environmentally friendly
  • Used by professional anglers worldwide
  • Closed eye
  • EWG-Extra Wide Gap


Bullet Weights Sinker Kits 60 Piece kit

124 Reviews

Bullet Weights Sinker Kits 60 Piece kit

  • Longer lasting Ultra Steel; Retains its shape better,
  • Less oxidized build-up; Improved snag resistance
  • Less bulk than other non-lead materials
  • Clean chamfered holes;
  • Color: Natural; Kit contains a total of 60 pieces: (24) 1/16 ounce; (12) 1/8 ounce; (9) 3/16 ounce; (9) 1/4 ounce; (4) 3/8 ounce; (2) 1/2 ounce

Carolina Rig - Cover More Ground 

Another rig setup for plastic bass worms is the Carolina Rig. Similar in style and basic setup to the Texas Rig except you attach at swivel ti the line and set your barrel weight above it.

By using this setup your worm has a more natural action in the water. Each time you cast out the weight will drop straight to the bottom but the worm will sink much slower on the fall.

carolina rig setup rubber worms

When you start to retrieve the bait you lift your rod tip and then let the weight pull it back down again slowly reeling in the slack line.

Fishing this method show be slow and steady but it does allow you to cover more ground and fish at a quicker pace that the standard Texas Rig.

Choosing The Right Plastic Worm For Bass​

When you start looking around at all the different types of rubber bass worms you will get a bit overwhelmed.​ In order to help you out with this we will now take a look at worm types, colour, weight and fishing action to help you get out there fishing.

What Color Worm Should You Use?​

We often get asked what color worms for bass and this depends a lot on the water you are fishing.​

Clear Water​

We tend to use dark worms when fishing clear water. Something black like the standard Senko with perhaps a coloured fleck through it works well all the time. Think about it - if the water is clear then the Bass are going to be able to see your bait from a distance.

It doesn’t need to be bright and glowing, just the normal dark colours work best in these conditions. Keep the colour as close to the natural bait of the Bass and you will do very well. A tailless worm works amazing when the water is clear.

Stained Water​

When the water is stained or murky then you are going to need to use something that stands out a bit more.

We opt for plastic worms with tails like these ones in this scenario because it has a more lively action in the water and attracts even the biggest of fish. You can mix and match here with dark works with bright tails or brighter worms in general work well.

Worm Weight & Size​

Because of all the options available to you here are some rules we go by when selecting plastic worm sizes and the weight we used for our rigs.

Size Matters​

If you are fishing clearer water then you are going to want to opt for a small more natural looking worm​. The size effects the sink rate of the worm so this is where you may want to add in some weight to get the bait down to the fish, or through the weeds quicker.

In colored or stained water you should go for a bigger worm as you need a more enticing stand out bait to attract the fish​. You may also need additional weight on the rig here because the bigger the worm the slower it sinks.

Fishing with a wiggle tail is one of the best bass worms out there when the water is mirky but whatever conditions you are faced with plastic worms will deliver every time.

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Snake Proof Boots Buying Guide and Review 2018

Being the outdoorsy type, I have hiked, fished and camped all over. This stretches from the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, the sandy deserts of Africa to the Outback of Australia. Do you know what all these places have in common? Venomous Snakes!

My experience with these creatures for the last few years has been nothing but a downward spiral. Albeit most have been near misses, a few instances involved hospitalization and in one tragic incident with a bushmaster I was almost sent to my maker. Were it not for this nifty hiking gear I’m about to share with you; I would have done away with the trade altogether.

Best Snake Proof Boots - Quick Look

Lacrosse Men's 425615 Venom 18' Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot, Realtree APG - 10 M

334 Reviews

Lacrosse Men's 425615 Venom 18" Waterproof Hunting Snake Boot, Realtree APG - 10 M

  • Full-grain leather with 1000 Denier nylon upper plus abrasion resistant toe cap for rugged durability
  • Total protection with flexible 360° Snake Guard plus scent-free and 100% waterproof Scent Dry lining
  • Side zipper for easy on/off with full lacing system for an adjustable, secure fit
  • Realtree APG (425615), Mossy Oak NWTF Obsession (425616), Realtree Edge (425618)

Muck Pursuit Mens Rubber Snake Boots, Realtree, 11

111 Reviews

Muck Pursuit Mens Rubber Snake Boots, Realtree, 11

  • 4 mm internal neoprene provides comfort and flexibility, along with excellent waterproofing, shock absorption and heat retention properties; adjusts to your foot shape to resist blisters and chafing
  • High-grade, snake-resistant full rubber exterior is puncture-tested vs. 12+ Diamondback Rattlesnake strikes with inflated balloons fitted to the boot interior
  • Anti-microbial XpressCool fabric lining pulls moisture away to keep feet cool and dry; etc Sockliner reduces underfoot friction and heat build-up; comfort rated from 40 °F to 95 °F (4 °C to 35 °C)
  • 100% waterproof hunting boots; lightweight EVA midsole for support and cushioning
  • Rugged but lightweight rubber outsole for traction on slippery and uneven surfaces; rear pull loop for easy on/off

Rocky FQ0001570 Knee High Boot

2 Reviews

Rocky FQ0001570 Knee High Boot

  • See main Description
  • Item brand: Rocky
  • Item number: 94900

Danner Men's Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot, Brown, 8.5 D US

107 Reviews

Danner Men's Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot, Brown, 8.5 D US

  • Non-Insulated ; Speed Lace System: Special hardware allows you to tighten from toe to top with one swift tug for a secure, tight fit.
  • How It Fits : This athletic fit of our DPH-1 last offers great heel capture and an anatomical forefoot that gives more room in the toe box. Fits true to size.

Justin Original Work Boots Men's Stampede Snake Work Boot,Rugged Tan,10.5 D US

78 Reviews

Justin Original Work Boots Men's Stampede Snake Work Boot,Rugged Tan,10.5 D US

  • Snakeproof
  • J-flex construction
  • Tri-density removeable insole
  • Waterproof

Danner Men's Jackal II 45764 Hunting Boot,Realtree AP HD,10.5 D US

91 Reviews

Danner Men's Jackal II 45764 Hunting Boot,Realtree AP HD,10.5 D US

  • Waterproof snake boot featuring breathable GORE-TEX extended comfort lining
  • Nylon upper and shank
  • Lace-up closure

Chippewa Men's 17' Pull On 23913 Snake Boot,BrownEsspresso,9 D US

65 Reviews

Chippewa Men's 17" Pull On 23913 Snake Boot,BrownEsspresso,9 D US

  • Quality Brown Oro Russet Leather Foot And Collar
  • Espresso Vipercloth shaft prevents fang penetration
  • Adjustable straps for comfort fit

Lacrosse Men's 4X Alpha Snake Boot-M, Realtree Xtra Green, Men's 10

290 Reviews

Lacrosse Men's 4X Alpha Snake Boot-M, Realtree Xtra Green, Men's 10

  • Hand laid rubber. Mild comfort zone from 0 to 70°F
  • Waterproof design ; Footbed Removable Polyurethane Footbed
  • Fiberglass shank ; Insulation : Non-Insulated

ROCKY Men's 16' Prolight Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boot-1570 (M12) Brown

14 Reviews

ROCKY Men's 16" Prolight Waterproof Snake Proof Hunting Boot-1570 (M12) Brown

  • Prolight BioMech outsole provides excellent traction on uneven surfaces
  • Snakeproof protection
  • Durable Nylon
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Guaranteed Rocky wateproof construction

LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boot,Brown/Mossy Oak Infinity,13 W US

180 Reviews

LaCrosse Men’s Adder 18” Snake Boot,Brown/Mossy Oak Infinity,13 W US

  • Full-grain leather with 1000 Denier nylon upper plus abrasion resistant toe cap for rugged durability
  • Total protection with flexible 360-degree Snake Guard plus scent-free and waterproof Scent Dry lining
  • Large pull loops for easy on/off with back gusset for an adjustable, secure fit

Why should I invest in snake-proof boots and not ordinary boots?

​I love to fish in areas that are a bit off the beaten track. I do this for a number of reasons and probably the main one is you are fishing in spots that have never been fished before. These unknown spots can be amazing sport but because you have to hike in through sometimes very rough bush you need to make sure you are protected on the way in...

Unlike your run of the mill cowboy boots, hunting shoes, or even a quality muck boot, a good pair of snake-proof boots can fend off bites from snakes and this feature alone could save your life.

Take it from someone who has endured the agony of a snake bite. The fangs will feel like hot long pointy steel nails when sinking into your soft, supple flesh. If you don't don these boots to protect yourself from the blood clotting or thinning effects of the venom, then please do it to save yourself from the excruciating sting.

Keep in mind that snake-proof boots are an all inclusive package. In addition to keeping your beating heart going, it will shield you from prickly thorns, rugged terrain, and hold you firm on the ground on dicey slippery slopes.

The catch is to spot a winner.

What makes a winner?


The bare minimum would be a sturdy material -like leather and nylon- well equipped to handle the venomous strike of snakes. But for a snake proof boot to be crowned the best it has to surpass this. For misty and muddy conditions you’ll need one reinforced with vulcanized rubber. They are engineered by adding sulfur to rubber in the face of extreme heat essentially rendering it impervious to water while tripling its durability.

At the height of summer, you can still go for a relatively lightweight option without compromising on functionality. Kangaroo skin has proven to be soft, light yet still sturdy. This can also double as a hiking boot owing to the increased flexibility of movement it offers.

Length of boots

As a rule of thumb, the longer the boots, the better. The shortest length that is deemed acceptable is one reaching mid-calf but never ankle height. Most snakes strike between the ankle and knee, so a knee length size is a safer choice.

Fit and feel

Marrying comfort and function is the ultimate judge of what boot reigns supreme. It should fit you to a tee. Good brands will have a collection of sizes as opposed to a one fits all mindset.

As for feel, it should offer more support on your feet and ankles. This added comfort will allow you to move easier and for longer.

1. Lacrosse Men’s Venom Scent APG HD Snake Proof Boots

Are you looking for the toughest snake proof boots, with an ability to cover grueling terrain? Look no further than these boots from Lacrosse. On top of having an excellent camouflage design, they are practical and comfortable.

What are their Features & Benefits?

Lacrosse snake proof boots are made from the toughest rubber out there. Neoprene is coupled with the rubber guaranteeing insulation to your feet.

Air circulation inside the boot is terrific with the company’s Aircirc technology in use. Having sweaty and smelly feet won’t happen to you again.

These boots are waterproof, leaving you with no fear of venturing into wet or marshy areas. The high-ankle design assures you of maximum protection, and that is sure-fire to protect you against snake bites.

Getting in and out of the boots is easy with a side zip. Unlike in other boots you do not have to untie the laces all the way down. I found this to be convenient.

The high-quality rubber used to make the boots helps maintain grip once you are on the rocky or unstable ground. Furthermore, a unique contour ankle design works to help maintain your stability.

What is more these boots are extremely durable due to the high quality of materials used to make them? To be fair, you cannot go wrong with these boots.

Any downside?

Zippers on the boots are tight making it cumbersome to use for the first few occasions. After prolonged use, the zipper gets easier to use.

You will find the boots heavy; this could be as a result of the materials used to make them.

2. MuckBoots Men’s Pursuit Snake Proof Hunting Boot

Comfort during trip outdoors is what you yearn for, right? You have nothing to worry as these boots' construction incorporates high-quality material that does not compromise on comfort.

Construction of the boots uses synthetic rubber; snake fangs can bite on them all they want, nothing goes through them.

What are their features & benefits?

While out in the woods the temperatures can change in the blink of an eye. That is why these boots have a neoprene layer guaranteed to insulate you. What’s more, they are fitted with Xpresscool technology, meant to safeguard you against sweat.

Slip-on boots are a handy feature; this is an add-on fitting to these boots. It is time-wasting and cumbersome to have to tie and untie the laces.

The durability of the boots is not in question due to the high quality of constituent materials. You could easily pass them on to your kid; yep they are that good!

The boots are tall and meant to protect your lower limb from fangs lurking in the woods. Synthetic rubber is great at providing physical resistance once you experience a bite.

Last but not the least, the boots are waterproof. No leakages more leakages as you wade into marshy areas of the woods.

Any downside?

I did not like the narrow design of the boot. It makes it hard to take the boot off if you have wide feet.

3. Rocky Men's Prolight Snake Boot Mossy Oak Breakup

What you get from these boots is fantastic protection from snake bites, with camouflage as a bonus.

They are also lightweight and comfortable; experiencing the outdoors has never been this easy.

snake proof boots

What are their features and benefits?

They are lace-up boots, which means fitting around the calf and ankle is comfortable. The lace-up also allows you to lace up tightly or loosely depending on your preference and comfort.

Having a lightweight boot is great. It lets you venture into the woods as much as you can with no fear of getting tired of the boots. These boots are lightweight, with no compromise taken for your safety. A thick layer inside the boot maximizes protection in case of snake bites.

The exceptional design of the sole prevents materials from getting stuck at the bottom. You won’t have to stop every few minutes to remove items lodged at the bottom.

The camouflage design of the boot also helps to keep you safe; if they can’t see you, they can’t bite you.

It provides excellent traction in areas with rocky or uneven surfaces. This prevents any accidents or mishaps happening, due to slipping.

Any downside?

Something to take away from the boots is that they are not waterproof. You would have to treat them with a waterproofing spray to protect yourself from leakages.

4. Danner Men’s Pronghorn Snake Side-Zip Hunting Boot

Are you looking for a high-quality boot with a great design too? If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Not only that, this boot is entirely made of leather. Durability and reliability just went up a notch higher.

What are their features & benefits?

You would be shocked to learn how lightweight these boots are. Their lightweight nature enables you to venture into the wild with no fear of getting tired. What is more, you can wear these boots daily.

A zipper design on the boots allows you to slip the boots on and off with minimal fuss. Unlike other boots, the zipper is easy to use and holds up over long periods.

Rubber makes up the boots' soles. What this means is you can use them over any terrain, since the grip is assured.

Inside the boots is a Gore—Tex lining. Once you purchase these bad boys, your feet are moisture free and odor free. In addition to which the leather fabric is breathable, meant to help you remain cool inside the boots.

Apart from guaranteeing durability, the leather material provides safety in case of snake bites. The snake fangs can dig in and not a scratch will be left on these boots.

Any downside?

A bummer about these boots is that they are relatively high priced compared to other boots. It is also disappointing they are not waterproof; you have to use a waterproofing spray.

5. Justin Original Work Boots Men’s Stampede Snake Work Boot

When buying the ultimate snake proof boots, quality of material and design feature heavily. You would not be disappointed with these boots.

The design and tailoring is a blend of synthetic rubber and leather. The ultimate Kevlar against snake bites.

What are their features and benefits?

Unsteady ground, uneven terrain will all be conquered by these boots. This is down to the rubber soles that enhances maximum grip to the ground. What’s more quality leather makes up the shaft of the boot, assuring maximum protection against snake bites?

A zipper closure on the boot makes taking them on and off a hustle free task. What’s more, you don’t have to contend with cumbersome shoe laces as the boot is lace-free.

Inside the boot are comfortable insoles that allow you to move around in maximum comfort. You could easily have these boots as your everyday kind of shoe.

Due to the great design and high quality of material used, these boots are also suitable for winter. An annoying feature of other boots is, once winter arrives you have to get other boots. These boots will keep you warm during winter while still protecting you.

Durability will never be an issue with these boots, and you could easily pass them onto your loved ones.

Any downside?

Nothing to report.

6. Danner Men’s Jackal II 45764 Snake Hunting Boot

At first glance, the thing that strikes you about this boot is the fact its designer had stealth in mind.

They have a camouflage appearance that is great once you venture out in the wild, letting you blend into your surroundings and acting as protection.

What are their features and benefits?

A high shaft on a boot is great since snakes tend to bite on the lower limb. With that in mind, this boot has a 17” shaft that provides maximum protection.

The boots' constituent material is nylon. A guarantee when it comes to protection against water damage. An assurance with this boot is you can walk out into marshy and swampy areas without fears of water leakages.

As a Danner men boot, it comes fitted with Gore-Tex technology. A sure bet against sweaty and smelly feet. It instead keeps your feet dry and odorless.

A rubber sole promises to maximize traction and grip in rocky and uneven surfaces. You don’t have to fear about slipping once you strap on these boots.

A lace-up design allows you strap on the boots to your comfort or preference. Inside the boot is a comfort lining. It is meant to maximize your comfort while out and about in the wild. There is extra padding on the footbeds; this goes a long way in guaranteeing your comfort.

The boot is also lightweight, meant to allow you freedom in roaming the woods. Honestly, you could walk in these boots a whole day, with no discomfort.

Any downside?

A shame about these boots is the fact they are relatively high priced compared to other similar boots.

7. Chippewa Men’s 23913 17″ Pull-On Snake Boot

What you have here is a great mixture of fabric and leather. The result is comfort with no bargain on your security.

In addition to which these boots can be used for a variety of other activities apart from hiking such as casual wear.

What are their features and benefits?

You will be at first in awe of how simple but beautiful the boot’s design is. It has a 17” shaft that shows it means business about protecting you from snake bites. The leather wrapping is great since no snake fangs can pierce them. Inside the boot is cloth fabric that works to insulate your feet, keeping you warm during cold seasons.

Two straps are on the boot, meant to allow removing and wearing the boot undemanding. There are no annoying laces on this boot that waste your time when tying or undoing them.

A Vibram sole haves you confident of tackling jagged surfaces. The sole gives assurance of grip and traction.

You can wade into shallow waters with no fear of getting wet. Waterproof technology on this boots secures you against water damage and leaks.

Last but not least the boots are durable due to the high-quality materials used to make them. I can guarantee you won’t have to buy another pair of these boots for a while.

Any downside?

The drawback to these boots is they don’t fit properly around the ankle area. They feel a tad large, probably due to being made for people with large feet.

8. Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Mudlite Snake Hunting Boot

I'm sure once you hear hand-crafted your mind switches to high quality, right? If your answer is yes, you would be right.

The rubber exterior on this boot is handcrafted to maximize protection against snake bites to scratches and mud.

What are their features & benefits?

What you have on the interior of this boot is a layer of neoprene. Intended to act as an insulating agent, it works to keep you warm and dry. You no longer have to fear sweaty feet once you remove the boot.

Lacrosse has also incorporated their Aircirc technology inside the boot to allow free movement of air inside the boot. Smelly feet are a thing of the past once you slip into these boots.

What’s more, the boot has a slip-on design. This allows you to wear or remove the boot with minimal effort. A strap is fitted behind the calf allowing you to adjust the boot’s fitting to your comfort.

The camouflage design on the boot allows you to venture into the wild with an added layer of protection.

In addition to that, the boot is waterproof, guaranteeing your comfort when wading through wet areas.

Slip-resistant rubber soles are fitted with the boots, assuring your safety in rough areas.

Any downside?

I would say the boots are stiff once you put them on, with flexibility at a bare minimum.

9. Rocky ProLight 16″ Snake Proof Boot

As the name suggests, these boots are ultralight once you strap them on.

You might as well be wearing sandals; yep they are that lightweight! Camouflage appearance on the boots helps in case you are an avid hunter.

What are its features and benefits?

The boots fit snugly since they have laces allowing you to tie them to your preferences. On top of that, the shaft on the boot is 16” high, a sure sign that they mean business when it comes to protecting you.

Durable nylon is used to make the boot. These bad boys can be worn every single day and still show no signs of giving up.

Not only that, Gore-Tex technology is on hand to confirm they are waterproof. Fear of venturing into wet areas or rain should not hinder you anymore.

Snakes can bite all they want the light but the tough exterior is on hand to protect you.

The sole features creation with Prolight Biomech allowing you traverse rocky or uneven surfaces with no fear of slipping.

You could live in these boots due to how comfortable they are. These are ideal winter boots, so, no more purchases when winter kicks in.

Any downside?

The only problem I noticed is you have to buy your boots a size larger so as to wear socks comfortably. Wearing your regular size will feel tight on your ankles.

10. Lacrosse Men’s Adder Scent 18″ HD Snake Boot

I know having slip-on or lace boots is cumbersome and tiresome sometimes. That is why Lacrosse has come up with this boots that you simply pull on.

What’s more, they have a 17” shaft; protection doesn’t get higher than this.

What are their features & benefits?

A camouflage fabric on the boot acts to protect you. The fabric is coupled with leather to maximize protection against snake bites.

The unique fabric making up the boot keeps you warm and dry. It will protect you from smelly and sweaty feet. In addition to that, the fabric is waterproof; you are allowed to venture into wet areas.

The durability of the boot is not in question due to its superior build quality and high-quality constituent materials.

Once you pull up the boots, there is a pull loop that allows for easy removal. On top of that, there is a gusset at the back allowing for an adjustable, secure fit of the boot.

Any downside?

If worn over long periods they start to split at the seams. Bummer!

So there you have it folks. If you are looking for a good quality pair of snake proof boots then we are sure you will find something in our review. If you have a pair of boots you bring along on every trip, fishing or hunting then let us know in the comments and we will take a look.

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White Bass Lures and Sand Bass Fishing Tips

Often called Sand Bass, White Bass can be found in most water systems across the States.

These small fish are great sport and when you find a feeding shoal you can literally flip them out of the water one after the other.​

That sounds great...

White Bass fishing in the Spring can be electric because small Shads and minnows are starting to make their way upstream. This doesn't go unnoticed by schools of hungry Bass...

Pro TIP: You will very often see birds diving into the water to whip up a handy lunch of Shad and you can be guaranteed that the Bass are picking them off under the water as well. The Shads will be going crazy and jumping out of the water trying to escape.

This is your chance to bag a few nice fish for yourself, but on a good day you could fill your boat as the Bass will be in a feeding frenzy and lunge at anything that looks remotely like a Shad.​

You can fish with topwater lures or shallow swimmers like the ​Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad, jigheads trailing a soft plastic or use any of the spinners from the Mepps range and you are good to go.

But what lures should you definitely have in your tackle box to catch White Bass?

Best White Bass Lures


Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 (Baby Bass, Size- 3)

220 Reviews

Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 (Baby Bass, Size- 3)

  • These ultra-realistic swim shad baits feature super-soft hand-poured bodies that are so lifelike, you might be tempted to take a bite yourself
  • Sporting strong soft bodies with internal lead heads and bio-salt impregnated tails
  • These durable baits are pre-rigged with a superior VMC needle point hooks. 3 per pack
  • 0.25 Oz
  • An excellent holographic swimmin’ foil finish and crazy 3-D WildEye stare


Mepps Black Fury Dressed Bass Fishing Lure Pocket Pack

73 Reviews

Mepps Black Fury Dressed Bass Fishing Lure Pocket Pack

  • Solid brass bodies
  • Spinner blades are silver or gold plated, copper, or polished brass
  • Beads are hand-turned on a lathe to resist chipping and cracking
  • Flexible vinyl decals are silk screed with UV inks to resist fading
  • Hand assembled in the U.S.A

Rapala Shallow Shad Rap 07 Fishing lure (Shad, Size- 2.75)

54 Reviews

Rapala Shallow Shad Rap 07 Fishing lure (Shad, Size- 2.75)

  • Balsa wood construction under incredible finishes make this the lure big fish find irresistible.
  • Shallow Running Lip Design
  • Classic Rapala "wounded-minnow" wobble
  • Built tough with hard-diving lips and sharp treble hooks, these legendary lures have the power to survive even the toughest fights.
  • The Shallow Shad Rap is perfect for fishing skinny water

Mister Twister 3-Inch Sassy Shad Bait-Pack of 10 (White/Pearl)

9 Reviews

Mister Twister 3-Inch Sassy Shad Bait-Pack of 10 (White/Pearl)

  • Features a white/pearl color
  • Comes in a 10 pack
  • Features a 3 inch size

Berkley Flicker Shad

299 Reviews

Berkley Flicker Shad

  • Pro designed
  • Size, profile, and Dive depth imitate real shad
  • Weight transfer for bullet-like casts
  • Individually Tank tested
  • Mustad ultra point hooks 

My Favorite White Bass Lure - The Sassy Shad

The Sassy shad is made by Mr Twister and is dynamite on a school of Bass chasing jumpers. Just cast it straight into the swim and hold on tight. The realistic swimming style of this particular lure is irresistible to hungry White Bass.

Couple these with a jog head and thats it, time to fill the boat. I prefer white or similar to mimmic the Shads in the water.

They are a great all rounder lure for this type of fishing and because of the hook setup you can fish them near weeds without worrying to much about getting snagged.

Mister Twister 3-Inch Sassy Shad Bait-Pack of 10 (White/Black)

6 Reviews

Mister Twister 3-Inch Sassy Shad Bait-Pack of 10 (White/Black)

  • Features a white/pearl color with a black back
  • Comes in a 10 pack
  • Features a 3 inch size

Don't forget to pick yourself up a few jig heads to go with the soft lures. They ain't much good without them...

The best bait for White Bass has to be live minnows, if you have the time is to net yourself some. Fishing live bait is second to none if you come across a school of White Bass . You are essentially using exactly what they are feeding on to catch them. Grab yourself a minnow net and stock up.

If the fish are on you will need plenty so we recommend getting yourself something like the Eagle Claw minnow net. ​

How To Catch White Bass​

One technique for catching Sand Bass that works every time for us is to watch the water for 'jumpers' and feeding birds. Usually seen on lakes and wide river systems this is a sure sign that the Bass are on.​

They will be feeding on the small baitfish migrating upstream. When you see this head up towards the feeding area and cast your lure straight into the middle of it. The bites and fish will come quick and hard.

Fishing for White Bass with lures or live bait is the most common method of catching these predatory fish who mainly feed on live bait.​ A live minnow hooked through the lip or a soft plastic on a jig head work without fail.

When the fishing slows or stops completely then it's time to have another look around and start spotting for jumpers again. Move your boat close to the action and cast into the middle of it all again.

The only challenge you will have on the day is keeping you boat afloat because it will be weighed down with fish!​

We have been asked how to catch white bass in the summer. Well the standard answer is always the same. You won't have the usual run of small bait fish but use an affordable fish finder and you will be able to locate the fish - the rest is fishing as usual.​

Here is a great video by Fle Fly fishing giving you plenty of tips and tricks for catching White Bass. They are using a Fle Fly Go Go Minnow which is performing brilliantly for them. Well worth putting a few in your tackle box.​ You should also check out their bendable minnow. This is also an awesome lure.

​So that's it for this quick look at the best white bass lures we use to catch these great fish time and time again. If you are after common bass then you should check out this review: best bass lures of 2017

Have you a go-to lure that you use and catch great fish? Let us know in the comments.​

Tight Lines...


Reel Grips for your Baitcasting and Spinning Reels

Have you ever lost a fish because your hand slipped off the reel handle.

Sounds like a great excuse for losing an award winning fish - the one that got away etc..

But it does happen.

baitcasting reel grips

Fishing in wet conditions or on a boat where the swell splashes up over the bow will cause your gear to get wet and in most cases this means the grips on your reels - regardless of model or type will also get wet and slippy.

Reel Grip have come up with an ingenious way to prevent slippage and for the cost involved you would be mad not to invest in at least one set.

The original idea came about by avid Bass angler Mark Schull in 2005 who partnered with Dan Broadbent and Angelo Savakis to develop the idea and bring it to market. Reel Grips were first launched at the ​Bassmaster Classic in Pitsburg and the company have grown in strength since that day.

Originally designed for baitcasting reels the company have expanded their range of reel grips to give you the edge on multiple reel types.

Baitcaster Reel Grip​s

Reel Grip 1145 Reel Handle Cover, Black and Red Tie Dye Finish

Fishing reel handle cover in a black and red tie dye finish; The latest fishing tackle accessory

Reel Grip 1149 Reel Handle Cover, Blue and White Tie Dye Finish

Fishing reel handle cover in a blue and white tie dye finish; The latest fishing tackle accessory

Reel Grip 1148 Reel Handle Cover, Black and White Tie Dye Finish

Fishing reel handle cover in a black and white tie dye finish; The latest fishing tackle accessory

Spinning Reel Grips​

Reel Grip also make grips for spinning reel handles - The Reel Grip X is the latest in their line of innovative products to help you on your quest for superior fishing.​

Reel Grip X, Red

5 Reviews

Reel Grip X, Red

  • Fishing reel handle cover
  • The latest fishing tackle accessory
  • Adds comfort and grip to your existing reel handles
  • Made of a soft rubber composite
  • Easily slide over your existing bait cast reel handles

Sure you may still loose fish, but it won't be because you hand slipped off the grip of your reel handle.

Check out a few videos by guys using these to give you an idea of the advantages of using grips on your baitcasting and spinning reels.

Installing Reel Grips​

Installing Reel Grips is very straightforward. Use a damp rag to wet up your reel handles and simply slip on the grips. 

Advantages of Reel Grips on your Baitcasters

Here is another video showing a quick advantage of using reel grips on your various baitcasters. If like me you have several similar setups - similar rod and reels with different line etc. then a great way to differentiate each setup is to use various coloured grips on your baitcasters. That way you know straight away which is which. I tend to fish different line strength for certain lures and this is an easy way to quickly see whats what.

So there you go... A nice neat upgrade. Add some reel handle grips to your baitcast reel or spinning reel and off you go.

Happy fishing...



Different Types Of Fishing Reels | Reviews and Guides

When I started out fishing as a young lad I fished with whatever I could get my hands on.

I have very fond memories of handline fishing off the pier with a length of orange builders line and a recycled piece of mono line that was teased out of an unfortunate tangled mess I found on the beach.

Skip forward 10, 20, 30, a lot of years ​and I have amassed a collection of different types of fishing reels.

Each with it's own uses and characteristics. ​

Today I wanted to go through an overview of each type of reel that I have and where you could use it in the swim.

What are the different types of fishing reels?

(Click on the handy links below to jump to that particular reel section.)

Spincast Reels | Spinning Reels | Baitrunner Reels | Baitcasting Reels

Spincast Reel | Beginners or Kids first fishing reel.

First up I want to talk about is the spincast reel. These particular reels are great for somebody just starting out in the sport of fishing or if you want to introduce your kids to fishing.

Simple to use and very little that can go wrong with it, the spincast reel is probably the easiest of all reel types to master.

A simple press of the button on the back of the reel releases the line, which is fed onto the rod through a centre hole in the from cone of the reel.​ Make your cast and once the lure or bait has hit the water crank the handle to re-engage the spool and start retrieving your line.

types of fishing reels

Go into any fishing store anywhere in the world and you will spot these reels a mile off - especially if you have kids with you as they inevitably head straight for them.

Clever marketing on the part of the manufacturers because they are usually decorated as Spiderman or Barbie ​styles.

Can you land decent sized fish with them? That's part of the challenge. They are great for small fish and just mucking around but if you happen to hook into something a bit bigger you will find they struggle. The drag system is basic enough.

You can view a good range of well priced spincast reels [easyazon_link keywords="spincast reels" locale="US" nw="y" nf="y" tag="rdreel-20"]here[/easyazon_link] on Amazon.

If you wanted a handy guide on how to cast a spincast reel then check out the video below form Shakespeare.

​Most of the big reel manufacturers like Shakespeare, Zebco, Abu Garcia, Pflueger and Daiwa make spincast reels so have a look around and find one that suits you. Price wise they are all very reasonable and great to get you started.

Overall a good beginner reel ​or perfect for the kids to get them started. Once you get 'hooked' on fishing you will most definitely upgrade to something a bit bigger.

This brings us on to our next reel type which is the common spinning reel.​

Spinning Reel | Best all round Fishing Reel

Fish for any length of time and you will have a spinning reel. This will most likely be the first reel you ever buy. The beauty of this type of reel is that it can be used for every type of fishing.

Flipping lures into a river or lake, live bait fishing in open water or just have a leisurely ​days fishing on a riverbank, the spinning reel will do the job for all.

Once you get the hang of fishing with a spinning reel it's a bit like riding a bike. You will fish away all day and not even notice you are using one.

spinning reel overview

Rigging up a spinning reel couldn't be more straight forward. ​Fix you line to the spool with an Arbor Knot, thread the line through the rod eyes, attach a hook and a sinker, a bit of bait, and away you go.

Some people (me included) use braided line for fishing so when rigging up new line to your spinning reel you should spool up a good length of monofilament line as backing for the braid first.​ This gives you the additional strength and feel with zero stretch braided line when you are chasing light touch fish.

PRO TIP: When adding line to your spinning reel make sure to fill the spool fully. I always see people fishing with spinning reels and have the spool only half loaded. This really hampers your casting as the line drags on the spool when you cast out. ​

How to use a spinning reel

To cast your bait or lure into the water with a spinning reel you grip the line to the rod shaft with your index finger and open the bail arm (5 in the image above) and pull back the rod behind you. Your other hand will be near the butt of the rod with a solid grip ready to cast. The next stage is to fire the rod in a forward action and just as the rod tip reaches you desired target location release your index finger holding the line.

When the lure or bait hits the water you can flick back over the bail arm or crank the reel handle and this will lock the line and spool back into position for reeling in.

I could write 1000 words on this topic but lets look at a quick video from  Gene Ellison to see how to cast a spinning reel properly.

Baitrunner Reel | Great for predatory fish that run...

I fished for Snapper and sharks a fair bit when I lived in Australia and one of the most popular fishing reels at the time was the Baitrunner reel. Baitrunner reels are very similar to tradional spinning reels but have a switch on the back of the reel that releases the spool into sort of a free mode. 

This is very handy when you are fishing sharks and other large predatory fish who like to 'run' with your bait before they swallow the hook.

This type of fishing is great sport. You could be sitting for ages with no action and then suddenly you hear the whizzing sound of your spool nearly melting off the ​reel as a large fish has taken your bait and made a run for the hills.

baitrunner fishing reel

Once the fish has had it's fun it's time to strike the rod and set your hook. The rest of the process is similar to a normal spinning reel. If i had to compare a spinning reel v's a baitrunner I would choose the baitrunner for sea fishing but keep to a normal spinning reel for inland river or lake fishing as the baitrunner action is not really needed.

If you are interested in seeing a baitrunner reel in action check out the video below where Birdy lands a monster Cod on light tackle. Quality fish on quality Shimano gear.​

Kastking make a great budget baitrunner reel which you should take a look at. I fished with a Shimano Baitrunner reel in Oz that lasted me about 7 years before I lost it. A great baitrunner reel for the money at the time.

The reel in the video is the Shimano 6000OC and you can find their latest model here on Amazon

Baitcasting Reel | Best Lure Fishing Reel For Bass

The next reel we want to cover and my personal favorite is the Baitcasting reel. These particular style of reels are very popular with Bass fishermen because of their unique casting action.

Great for casting lures and flipping jigs, baitcaster reels, unique in their styling, ​are a top choice reel for Pro fishermen all over the world - Especially tournament Bass hunters.

Designed primarily for lure fishing the baitcaster series of reels are ideal for lures like the Biko Jig or spinner baits.

One of the primary advantages of baitcasting reels over spinning reels has to do with the cast. When you cast a baitcaster you can control the speed at which the line peels off the reel​. This is great for fishing close to banks, weeds or fallen trees in the water.

PRO TIP: When adding line to your baitcasting reel (braided fishing line) make sure to use a monofilament backing first. In some cases you will get line slip if you tie your braid straight to the spool.

The reel I use has combatted this issue by providing small holes in the spool that you can thread the braid through before you load the spool.

I use the Abu Garcia Revo SX (read our Abu Garcia Revo Reel review here) and I have it loaded with ​top quality braided line - Moss Green by Spiderwire and it has caught me some crackin' fish over the past while. This is my go-to rig when I go lure fishing for freshwater species.

Below is a great overview of the Revo SX Baitcasting reel from the Abu Garcia ​team. Well worth a look if you are thinking about buying one of these reels

Pair this up with a decent spinning rod and you are good to go.​ One thing to note about this particular reel and all the reels we mention in this post it to make sure they are treated for Saltwater use as well as freshwater.

Thats it for now. We hope you find the information provided here on the different types of fishing reels of value. Next time around we will be discussing fly reels as we spend al lot of time during the summer evenings fishing for big trout on the Fly.

Tights lines everyone and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you asap.

When I started out fishing as a young lad I fished with whatever I could get my hands on. I have very fond memories of handline fishing off the pier with a length of orange builders line and a recycled piece of mono line that was teased out of an unfortunate tangled mess I found on […]

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Trout Worms. How To Fish Plastic Worms

Virtually everyone knows that fishing plastic worms have become one of the most effective techniques ever created. There is variety of types, sizes, and colors to choose from often leaving the average angler digging deeper into their wallets to find the perfect combination. If you prefer normal lure fishing check out our page on the […]

Smallmouth Bass Fish Sizing Chart

We have often wondered how some guys can pretty much tell the exact weight of a fish by length or just by looking at it. 

A unique skill that gives way to some creative 'accounting' when it comes to bragging rights on the size of your catch. To set the record straight and help novice anglers train themselves in this art we came up with this sizing chart for Smallmouth Bass.

Length          Weight
10 8 oz.
10.5 9 oz.
11 10 oz.
11.5 11 oz.
12 13 oz.
12.5 15 oz.
13 1 lb. 1 oz.
13.5 1 lb. 3 oz.
14 1 lb. 5 oz.
14.5 1 lb. 7 oz.
15 1 lb. 10 oz.
15.5 1 lb. 12 oz.
16 1 lb. 15 oz.
16.5 2 lb. 2 oz.
17 2 lb. 6 oz.
17.5 2 lb. 9 oz.

Length      Weight
18 2 lb. 13 oz.
18.5 3 lb. 1 oz.
19 3 lb. 5 oz.
19.5 3 lb. 9 oz.
20 3 lb. 14 oz.
20.5 4 lb. 3 oz.
21 4 lb. 8 oz.
21.5 4 lb. 13 oz.
22 5 lb. 3 oz.
22.5 5 lb. 8 oz.
23 5 lb. 15 oz.
23.5 6 lb. 5 oz.
24 6 lb. 12 oz.
24.5 7 lb. 3 oz.
25 7 lb. 10 oz.

You can download a copy of the fish sizing chart here to print off and keep in your tackle bag and pull it out the next time on of the guys chances his arm...

With the world record sitting at 11lb. 15 oz. and 27" long are you going to be next to break the Smallmouth Bass World Record. (source)

World Record Smallmouth Bass

Finding Trout In A Stream

Have you even arrived at your fishing spot and wondered where the fish will be hiding. 

Trout are creatures of habit and once you know where to find them every fishing trip should deliver. Of course a lot will depend on the weather, the tackle you are using and a bit of luck. Knowing where to land you bait - regardless of type is key to landing that next trophy fish.

We came across this handy infographic from fix.com which breaks the river system up into section where trout are most likely to be hiding.

Have a look and let us know in the comments if this works for you.​

Source: Fix.com Blog

Our favorite location for finding trout in a river is behind rocks and other obstacles in the flow. We also have great luck where the water in a rapid section of the river starts to slow - also known as a seam in the river. Trout will sit here and wait for their prey to flow by and then strike.

Dropping a fly into any of these areas is great sport and very effective.

Happy fishing...​

Have you even arrived at your fishing spot and wondered where the fish will be hiding.  Trout are creatures of habit and once you know where to find them every fishing trip should deliver. Of course a lot will depend on the weather, the tackle you are using and a bit of luck. Knowing where to […]


Best Trout Lures For Lakes And Rivers

Is there anything better than watching a big trout take a bite out of a well positioned lure?

 I was always a traditional trout fisherman, catching trout with worms on a float for deeper waters and lakes or a wet or dry fly for fishing rivers and streams.

That was until I discovered lure fishing. I had always though of this method of trout fishing as cheating because I wanted to present a natural looking bait to catch the fish.

best trout lures

I fished a river many years ago in Ireland where live trout bait was banned - I had always considered maggots the best bait for trout - so in this instance only Fly or Lures were available to me. Weather was off so fly wasn't going to cut it. Out came a brand new lure straight out of the packet.

Had a few casts to figure out how to fish the trout lure and about 6 casts in this monster hit the lure and nearly ripped the rod out of my hands. The next 20 mins or so were spent coaxing the monster Rainbow Trout onto the river bank.

That was it - I was hooked. Literally...

When you start looking for lures for trout you will notice there are far too many options. As a novice you want to know a few go to lures the experts use. This gives you the best chance to hook up first time out and fill your bag.

What we wanted to do today was point out our top trout lures that we use and give you some info on how to fish them. 

Best Lures for Spinning | Our Top 3.

Here are out top three all round trout lures we use catch some monsters

Mepps Aglia Plain Trout Fishing Lure Pocket Pack

All Mepps Aglias feature solid brass bodies and blades; Mepps #1 hot firetiger Aglia; This makes Aglias perfect for fishing both streams and lakes

Panther Martin Best of the Best Kit.

Guaranteed to catch fish; Made in the USA; Increase you fish count; Three of our most popular colors in two of our most popular sizes

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure, Brown Trout, 1-Ounce

Unique Spinning Action; In-Line Weighted Body Design; Pulsating Hackle Tail Attracts Fish; Genuine Silver, Brass, or Copper Blades

Fishing For Trout With Spinners

Using spinners for trout is in our opinion the most effective way to fill your fishing bag with fish. Fished upstream these small trout lures are great for coaxing trout out of their hiding places. 

Fish them anywhere

Trout spinning lures can be fished in small shallow streams, river of any size and even lakes. The Panther Martin is one of the best lures for streams and can be fished in shallow fast moving water.

When fishing rivers we fish them upstream and diagonally from the bank and draw the lure in at a steady pace. It will take a bit of getting used to but once you get it right that's it. Not sure what it is about these lures but the trout cannot resist them.

Drop one in front of a large rock or clump of weed in a river, start reeling and watch the trout come out from their hiding place and literally launch at the spinner. Once you hook up it's game on.

The key with spinning for trout is to keep moving. Don't fish the same spot for too long and as always the first cast is the most important one - especially if you are fishing a remote river where the fish may not have seen spinner baits before.​

Fished on fairly light tackle this is trout fishing at it's very best.

Here is a great video on spinning for trout with lures. 

A great take-away from this video is the point about barbed hooks and what you should do to the hook before you start fishing - especially if you are practicing catch and release.

In case you missed it you should flatten the barbs on your hooks with a pliers so they can be removed more easily from the fish. Remember though to keep plenty of tension on the line when you reel in the fish or it may slip off.

If you are fishing deeper water then one of the best lures for lakes has to be the Panther Martin Spinner. You can troll with this lure or fish from the shore if suitable.

For trolling this trout lure you may want to use a three way swivel ​setup with a weighted bottom line to get the lure down quick enough or maybe use a down rigger if they are in really deep water. 

If you are new to trout fishing and are looking for tips for river fishing and where to locate trout in a river you should check out this very handy infographic showing you when the fish hide.


Panther Martin | Best Of The Best

Great all round lure set for trout in rivers lakes and streams. 

Fish them in shallow waters or in deeper sections and watch the trout snap them up.

best trout lures

Trout Lures For Small Streams

Fishing small streams for trout is great sport and can be one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences out there. The thrill of the hunt in very shallow water and overgrown banks make this tough but very rewarding when you get a fish on.

Trout that live in these small waterways are very shy, usually hide under or around fallen logs or weed beds and are tough to catch.

If you have enough room to fire a spinner or lure into the stream then something like the Mepps Aglia or a brown or gold Panther Martin will serve you well.​ In our opinion the Panther Martin is by far the best spinner for trout by a country mile. 

The trick to fishing streams with lures is to control the depth of the lure with the rod tip. Some of the best trout baits tend to run deep in the water but by lifting the rod tip you​ can adjust the height of the lure track in the water. This is ideal if you are fishing shallow streams.

When it comes to rod selection for small streams you won't want anything bigger than a 5 ft rod because you may have to trek through heavy undergrowth to get to your fishing spot. Ideally if you get yourself a decent telescopic rod you can store it in your pack and away you go.

Line selection is pretty straight forward. Keep it around 4 - 6lb mono as these fish will be very line shy especially if the water is clear - which is the norm in faster running streams unless they are in flood.​

Best Times To Fish For Trout

Early morning and the hours before dark are the most productive for trout fishing but you can catch trout throughout the day - depending on conditions. Color size and pattern all come into play as well so make sure you have a few options available on the day. You might have a great day's fishing on one particular lure and trhe next time you go out might not even get a bite. Change lures often if this happens and keep moving up and down the river.

A hungry trout will take a well placed lure at any time of the day.

Fly fishing for trout in the evening during a good hatch on the river is great sport too and if you are fishing a dry fly it can be one of the most visual and rewarding ways to catch trout.​

lure fishing in the morning for trout

Best Color Lure To Use For Trout In Muddy Water

There are many options when it comes to the color of your lures and a lot will depend on fishing conditions. Bright lures from the Mepps range are great for fishing muddy waters after a flood. 

If the current is really strong you might have to fish a larger spoon to keep the lure in the flow.

Fish will tend to move out from their normal hiding place when the water is high. This actually makes it easier to catch them sometimes because you can tell where they are hiding out by reading the river.

Let you lure drift across and around obstacles in the water like rocks etc because that's where the fish are going to be hiding. The water flow is a lot less work for the fish and your lure will sail past and present itself the same way as natural bait does in high water.

HD Trout by Dynamic Lures

If you are looking for something a bit different than your standard spinning type lure then you should definitely check out the HD Trout by Dynamic Lures. This lure is an awesome addition to any tackle bag - regardless of your target fish.

You can target  Trout, Large and Small Mouth Bass, Pike, Walleye, Perch, Crappie, Steelhead, and any fish that feeds on smaller baitfish in their natural habitat. 

hd trout lure by dynamic lures

These crankbaits can be fished in any water conditions as well which is what makes them so versatile. Fast running water or a calm lake - doesn't matter if you fish this high action lure.

Fishing these lures without a snap swivel gives the best action. Just tie it to the end of your line for maximum response time and greater control.

Fish with  medium/light gear and a slow retrieve rate to allow the lures to swim through the water.

Aim for cover if possible when you cast this fish magnet into the water and wait for your personal best fish to strike.

Rapala Original Floating Minnow

The Rapala Floating Minnow has been found in tackle bags the world over for quite some time now, and for a very good reason. This lure can be fished in any number of ways and conditions.

rapala original floating minnow

The Rapala original floating minnow

Twitch it across the surface to temp fish from the depths leading to some great high action fishing.

Fish it as a shallow running lure with a slow retrieve to nab fish high in the water column.

Weight it down a bit with a split shot or hang it off a three way swivel and fish it off the bottom.

Th unique 'injured fish' action of this lure is what catches so many fish. Why not pick one up here and give it a go the next time you are out fishing for trout or Rainbow trout.

Acme Kastmaster

The silver Acme Kastmaster lure is another mush have for your tackle bag. These lures fly off the reel and you will be amazed at how far you can cast one of mediocre gear.

You will also be amazed at how many fish you catch with one on the end of your line. Great for brown and rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and a variety of other fish will take this lure.​

acme kastmaster trout lure

Silver / blue acme kastmaster

There are many different types of lures available for trout. From spinning lures to realistic shallow and deep diving  lures. For me the best lures in my tackle bag are the traditional mepps style lures and when fishing is off these are my go to lures.

As a beginner you might want to practice casting and retrieving a bit in a weedless lake or pond.

One thing that hampered me at the start was I was reeling in the lure too slowly and because of this the lure was not spinning in the water. Once I copped on to this things got much better very quickly.

Tying a lure to fishing line

Anther thing you need to consider is the knot you use to attach the lure to you line.

A normal 'granny' knot is not appropriate here because you will end up twisting your line. You wont notice this straight away but after a days fishing your line will start to tangle and unravel straight off the spool as you cast.

Our favorite knot is the Rapala knot. This knot gives your lure plenty of freedom to move about on the line and mimic more of a natural swimming action in the water.

If you are using a mepps lure then I suggest you attach a small lightweight swivel to the line first. This removes the line twisting action and lets the lure run true in the water.

tying lure onto line

So thats our review of the Best Trout Lures available today. Easy to fish with and you can travel very light so ideal if you are hiking into a secluded river system.

Have you a favourite Lure you can't leave home without and works for you every time? Lets us know below in the comments.​