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Trout Worms. How To Fish Plastic Worms

Virtually everyone knows that fishing plastic worms have become one of the most effective techniques ever created. There is variety of types, sizes, and colors to choose from often leaving the average angler digging deeper into their wallets to find the perfect combination. If you prefer normal lure fishing check out our page on the […]

Smallmouth Bass Fish Sizing Chart

We have often wondered how some guys can pretty much tell the exact weight of a fish by length or just by looking at it. 

A unique skill that gives way to some creative 'accounting' when it comes to bragging rights on the size of your catch. To set the record straight and help novice anglers train themselves in this art we came up with this sizing chart for Smallmouth Bass.

Length          Weight
10 8 oz.
10.5 9 oz.
11 10 oz.
11.5 11 oz.
12 13 oz.
12.5 15 oz.
13 1 lb. 1 oz.
13.5 1 lb. 3 oz.
14 1 lb. 5 oz.
14.5 1 lb. 7 oz.
15 1 lb. 10 oz.
15.5 1 lb. 12 oz.
16 1 lb. 15 oz.
16.5 2 lb. 2 oz.
17 2 lb. 6 oz.
17.5 2 lb. 9 oz.

Length      Weight
18 2 lb. 13 oz.
18.5 3 lb. 1 oz.
19 3 lb. 5 oz.
19.5 3 lb. 9 oz.
20 3 lb. 14 oz.
20.5 4 lb. 3 oz.
21 4 lb. 8 oz.
21.5 4 lb. 13 oz.
22 5 lb. 3 oz.
22.5 5 lb. 8 oz.
23 5 lb. 15 oz.
23.5 6 lb. 5 oz.
24 6 lb. 12 oz.
24.5 7 lb. 3 oz.
25 7 lb. 10 oz.

You can download a copy of the fish sizing chart here to print off and keep in your tackle bag and pull it out the next time on of the guys chances his arm...

With the world record sitting at 11lb. 15 oz. and 27" long are you going to be next to break the Smallmouth Bass World Record. (source)

World Record Smallmouth Bass

Finding Trout In A Stream

Have you even arrived at your fishing spot and wondered where the fish will be hiding. 

Trout are creatures of habit and once you know where to find them every fishing trip should deliver. Of course a lot will depend on the weather, the tackle you are using and a bit of luck. Knowing where to land you bait - regardless of type is key to landing that next trophy fish.

We came across this handy infographic from fix.com which breaks the river system up into section where trout are most likely to be hiding.

Have a look and let us know in the comments if this works for you.​

Source: Fix.com Blog

Our favorite location for finding trout in a river is behind rocks and other obstacles in the flow. We also have great luck where the water in a rapid section of the river starts to slow - also known as a seam in the river. Trout will sit here and wait for their prey to flow by and then strike.

Dropping a fly into any of these areas is great sport and very effective.

Happy fishing...​

Have you even arrived at your fishing spot and wondered where the fish will be hiding.  Trout are creatures of habit and once you know where to find them every fishing trip should deliver. Of course a lot will depend on the weather, the tackle you are using and a bit of luck. Knowing where to […]


Best Trout Lures For Lakes And Rivers

Is there anything better than watching a big trout take a bite out of a well positioned lure?

 I was always a traditional trout fisherman, catching trout with worms on a float for deeper waters and lakes or a wet or dry fly for fishing rivers and streams.

That was until I discovered lure fishing. I had always though of this method of trout fishing as cheating because I wanted to present a natural looking bait to catch the fish.

best trout lures

I fished a river many years ago in Ireland where live trout bait was banned - I had always considered maggots the best bait for trout - so in this instance only Fly or Lures were available to me. Weather was off so fly wasn't going to cut it. Out came a brand new lure straight out of the packet.

Had a few casts to figure out how to fish the trout lure and about 6 casts in this monster hit the lure and nearly ripped the rod out of my hands. The next 20 mins or so were spent coaxing the monster Rainbow Trout onto the river bank.

That was it - I was hooked. Literally...

When you start looking for lures for trout you will notice there are far too many options. As a novice you want to know a few go to lures the experts use. This gives you the best chance to hook up first time out and fill your bag.

What we wanted to do today was point out our top trout lures that we use and give you some info on how to fish them. 

Best Lures for Spinning | Our Top 3.

Here are out top three all round trout lures we use catch some monsters

Mepp's Aglia Plain Trout Fishing Lure Pocket Pack

Mepp's Aglia Plain Trout Fishing Lure Pocket Pack

All Mepps Aglias feature solid brass bodies and blades; Mepps #1 hot firetiger Aglia; This makes Aglias perfect for fishing both streams and lakes


Panther Martin DSG6 Best of the Best Spinners Fishing Lure Kit - Assorted - Pack of 6

Panther Martin DSG6 Best of the Best Spinners Fishing Lure Kit - Assorted - Pack of 6

Three of our most popular colors in two of our most popular sizes; Razor sharp treble red hooks mimic wounded fish

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure, Brown Trout, 1-Ounce

Yakima Bait Wordens Original Rooster Tail Spinner Lure, Brown Trout, 1-Ounce

Unique Spinning Action; In-Line Weighted Body Design; Pulsating Hackle Tail Attracts Fish; Genuine Silver, Brass, or Copper Blades

Fishing For Trout With Spinners

Using spinners for trout is in our opinion the most effective way to fill your fishing bag with fish. Fished upstream these small trout lures are great for coaxing trout out of their hiding places. 

Fish them anywhere

Trout spinning lures can be fished in small shallow streams, river of any size and even lakes. The Panther Martin is one of the best lures for streams and can be fished in shallow fast moving water.

When fishing rivers we fish them upstream and diagonally from the bank and draw the lure in at a steady pace. It will take a bit of getting used to but once you get it right that's it. Not sure what it is about these lures but the trout cannot resist them.

Drop one in front of a large rock or clump of weed in a river, start reeling and watch the trout come out from their hiding place and literally launch at the spinner. Once you hook up it's game on.

The key with spinning for trout is to keep moving. Don't fish the same spot for too long and as always the first cast is the most important one - especially if you are fishing a remote river where the fish may not have seen spinner baits before.​

Fished on fairly light tackle this is trout fishing at it's very best.

Here is a great video on spinning for trout with lures. 

A great take-away from this video is the point about barbed hooks and what you should do to the hook before you start fishing - especially if you are practicing catch and release.

In case you missed it you should flatten the barbs on your hooks with a pliers so they can be removed more easily from the fish. Remember though to keep plenty of tension on the line when you reel in the fish or it may slip off.

If you are fishing deeper water then one of the best lures for lakes has to be the Panther Martin Spinner. You can troll with this lure or fish from the shore if suitable.

For trolling this trout lure you may want to use a three way swivel ​setup with a weighted bottom line to get the lure down quick enough or maybe use a down rigger if they are in really deep water. 

If you are new to trout fishing and are looking for tips for river fishing and where to locate trout in a river you should check out this very handy infographic showing you when the fish hide.


Panther Martin | Best Of The Best

Great all round lure set for trout in rivers lakes and streams. 

Fish them in shallow waters or in deeper sections and watch the trout snap them up.

best trout lures

Trout Lures For Small Streams

Fishing small streams for trout is great sport and can be one of the most enjoyable fishing experiences out there. The thrill of the hunt in very shallow water and overgrown banks make this tough but very rewarding when you get a fish on.

Trout that live in these small waterways are very shy, usually hide under or around fallen logs or weed beds and are tough to catch.

If you have enough room to fire a spinner or lure into the stream then something like the Mepps Aglia or a brown or gold Panther Martin will serve you well.​ In our opinion the Panther Martin is by far the best spinner for trout by a country mile. 

The trick to fishing streams with lures is to control the depth of the lure with the rod tip. Some of the best trout baits tend to run deep in the water but by lifting the rod tip you​ can adjust the height of the lure track in the water. This is ideal if you are fishing shallow streams.

When it comes to rod selection for small streams you won't want anything bigger than a 5 ft rod because you may have to trek through heavy undergrowth to get to your fishing spot. Ideally if you get yourself a decent telescopic rod you can store it in your pack and away you go.

Line selection is pretty straight forward. Keep it around 4 - 6lb mono as these fish will be very line shy especially if the water is clear - which is the norm in faster running streams unless they are in flood.​

Best Times To Fish For Trout

Early morning and the hours before dark are the most productive for trout fishing but you can catch trout throughout the day - depending on conditions. Color size and pattern all come into play as well so make sure you have a few options available on the day. You might have a great day's fishing on one particular lure and trhe next time you go out might not even get a bite. Change lures often if this happens and keep moving up and down the river.

A hungry trout will take a well placed lure at any time of the day.

Fly fishing for trout in the evening during a good hatch on the river is great sport too and if you are fishing a dry fly it can be one of the most visual and rewarding ways to catch trout.​

lure fishing in the morning for trout

Best Color Lure To Use For Trout In Muddy Water

There are many options when it comes to the color of your lures and a lot will depend on fishing conditions. Bright lures from the Mepps range are great for fishing muddy waters after a flood. 

If the current is really strong you might have to fish a larger spoon to keep the lure in the flow.

Fish will tend to move out from their normal hiding place when the water is high. This actually makes it easier to catch them sometimes because you can tell where they are hiding out by reading the river.

Let you lure drift across and around obstacles in the water like rocks etc because that's where the fish are going to be hiding. The water flow is a lot less work for the fish and your lure will sail past and present itself the same way as natural bait does in high water.

HD Trout by Dynamic Lures

If you are looking for something a bit different than your standard spinning type lure then you should definitely check out the HD Trout by Dynamic Lures. This lure is an awesome addition to any tackle bag - regardless of your target fish.

You can target  Trout, Large and Small Mouth Bass, Pike, Walleye, Perch, Crappie, Steelhead, and any fish that feeds on smaller baitfish in their natural habitat. 

hd trout lure by dynamic lures

These crankbaits can be fished in any water conditions as well which is what makes them so versatile. Fast running water or a calm lake - doesn't matter if you fish this high action lure.

Fishing these lures without a snap swivel gives the best action. Just tie it to the end of your line for maximum response time and greater control.

Fish with  medium/light gear and a slow retrieve rate to allow the lures to swim through the water.

Aim for cover if possible when you cast this fish magnet into the water and wait for your personal best fish to strike.

Rapala Original Floating Minnow

The Rapala Floating Minnow has been found in tackle bags the world over for quite some time now, and for a very good reason. This lure can be fished in any number of ways and conditions.

rapala original floating minnow

The Rapala original floating minnow

Twitch it across the surface to temp fish from the depths leading to some great high action fishing.

Fish it as a shallow running lure with a slow retrieve to nab fish high in the water column.

Weight it down a bit with a split shot or hang it off a three way swivel and fish it off the bottom.

Th unique 'injured fish' action of this lure is what catches so many fish. Why not pick one up here and give it a go the next time you are out fishing for trout or Rainbow trout.

Acme Kastmaster

The silver Acme Kastmaster lure is another mush have for your tackle bag. These lures fly off the reel and you will be amazed at how far you can cast one of mediocre gear.

You will also be amazed at how many fish you catch with one on the end of your line. Great for brown and rainbow trout, smallmouth bass and a variety of other fish will take this lure.​

acme kastmaster trout lure

Silver / blue acme kastmaster

There are many different types of lures available for trout. From spinning lures to realistic shallow and deep diving  lures. For me the best lures in my tackle bag are the traditional mepps style lures and when fishing is off these are my go to lures.

As a beginner you might want to practice casting and retrieving a bit in a weedless lake or pond.

One thing that hampered me at the start was I was reeling in the lure too slowly and because of this the lure was not spinning in the water. Once I copped on to this things got much better very quickly.

Tying a lure to fishing line

Anther thing you need to consider is the knot you use to attach the lure to you line.

A normal 'granny' knot is not appropriate here because you will end up twisting your line. You wont notice this straight away but after a days fishing your line will start to tangle and unravel straight off the spool as you cast.

Our favorite knot is the Rapala knot. This knot gives your lure plenty of freedom to move about on the line and mimic more of a natural swimming action in the water.

If you are using a mepps lure then I suggest you attach a small lightweight swivel to the line first. This removes the line twisting action and lets the lure run true in the water.

tying lure onto line

So thats our review of the Best Trout Lures available today. Easy to fish with and you can travel very light so ideal if you are hiking into a secluded river system.

Have you a favourite Lure you can't leave home without and works for you every time? Lets us know below in the comments.​

Best Braided Fishing Line Guide And Top 3 Review

I first stumbled across braided fishing line in Australia about 10 years ago.

An Italian / Aussie friend of mine had always promised me some big fish if I ever made it to Melbourne and I finally made it...

At the time I was fishing fairly decent gear but my buddy John told me that standard fluro line was useless in the waters off Port Melbourne as the fish would tear it to shreds - think Giant Trevally and King Snapper and you get the idea. I spent a long time trout fishing with lures so a lot of this was new to me...

So off we went to the tackle superstore to take a look at the many types of fishing line available. At the time even the basic braided line was about 60 dollars a spool and the price sort of shocked me a bit as I was used to ‘normal’ fishing line prices.

Anyway after a bit of convincing I bought a spool of braided line for my baitcasting reel and we went fishing…

Best decision I ever made.

You see with fishing you can have good days and bad days. Fish not biting is one thing but when you do hook up the last thing you want is for you gear to let you down. You spend a small fortune on a rod and reel, all the money in the world on lures and jigs, so why not invest a bit in your line and avoid the dreaded snap off halfway through reeling in the fish of a lifetime.

Yes the are a plenty of options when it comes to fishing line and each serves a purpose but today I want to concentrate on braided fishing line and give you our view on the best braided fishing line on the market and why it should be your next purchase before you cast another lure into the water.

Best Braided Fishing Line - Our Top 3.

As mentioned earlier there are any number of options when it comes to braided line so we did our homework, plenty of research, testing and some expert reviews to bring you what we feel are the top three braided fishing line options available today in our braided fishing line comparison line up.

Suffix 832 Braid 20 lb Low-Vis Green 150 yards

Suffix 832 Braid 20 lb Low-Vis Green 150 yards

8 Fibers (Featuring one GORE Performance Fiber and 7 Dyneema Fibers); Ultimate Abrasion Resistance


Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line, Moss Green, 300YD/50LB

Power Pro Spectra Fiber Braided Fishing Line, Moss Green, 300YD/50LB

Round, smooth, and sensitive braided fishing line; Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) boosts handling performance

Suffix 832 Advanced Superline Braid - Top Choice

So what makes this our top choice:

One of the most advanced braided lines available Suffix 832 is a very high strength, small diameter fishing line. Backed by years of development and expertise in military applications this line is bulletproof.

There are three main feature that give this braided fishing line it performance characteristics:

  • R8 precision braiding and fibre technology give this line its strength, consistency and roundness.
  • The Dyneema fibres provide strength and allow for the small diameter of the line - perfect for loading up a spool for longer casting and deeper fishing.
  • The GORE fibre provides abrasion resistance, vibration and noise reduction and give you those much sought after longer casts.

The line is made up of a total of eight fires - The central GORE strand surrounded by 7 Dyneema strands giving this line un-matched strength in the market. The first thing you will notice as a fisherman about this line is the casting distance you can achieve. The round line literally flies off the spool and out into the water.

You will also notice the lack of stretch in the line and super sensitivity when a fish starts to take interest in your bait or lure. Even the smallest of bites are now noticeable and with the strength of this line strike your fish and away you go. No more unsavoury snap offs when reeling in that trophy fish.

Ghost White

suffix 832 neon green

High-Vis Neon Lime

suffix green braid

Low-Vis Green

The line is currently available in three colors; Ghost white, High-vis Neon Lime and Low-vis green and can be purchased in 150 yard and 300 yard lengths. You can also get a 600 yard spool in the low-vis green if you are hunting deep sea.

Given how thin this line is compared to standard mono line - 4 times stronger than a monofilament line of the same thickness you can really load up your reel. As with all braided lines we recommend adding some mono line backing to the reel first to avoid any slipping but thats up to you. I have seen other fishermen wrapping the bare reel spool with a bit of tape before they load up the braided line for the very same reason.

  • 8 Fibers (Featuring one GORE® Performance Fiber and 7 Dyneema® Fibers)
  • Ultimate Abrasion Resistance
  • Unbeatable Strength
  • Proven Castability Improvements
  • TGP(TM)Technology Enhances Color Retention

Is it worth the money - definitely. From a price point this braided line is very reasonable and does exactly what you would expect from a quality company like Suffix. Super strong, super sensitive and great value for money.


Here is a quick overview video showing the GORE performance fibre in action and what it means to the shelf life of your braided line.

Power Pro Microfilament Braided Line

Made in the USA Power Pro braided line is unbelievably strong because of it's braided spectra fibre makeup. If you are into lure fishing and like using very thin but super strong line then this is the best choice for you.

  • Round, smooth, and sensitive braided fishing line
  • Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) boosts handling performance
  • Constructed with Spectra fiber for incredible abrasion resistance
  • Spool your reel straight fro the box with the EZ spool system
  • High strength-to-diameter ratio

The line is currently available in three colors; Moss Green, High-vis Yellow, Vermilion Red and can be purchased in 150 yard up to 1500 yard lengths. 

power pro moss green braid line

Moss Green

power pro his vis yellow braided fishing line

High-Vis Yellow

power pro vermillion red braid

Vermilion Red

​Fishing with PowerPro line is just like using standard mono line in terms of ease of use but with a raft of advantages. One great point you will notice is the line doesn't bury itself in the spool after a good workout or a hard strike.


​This line is also super sensitive so if you are chasing fish with 'delicate' bite patterns then you are good to go. The thin round and smooth profile of the line lets you really load up your spool and you will be amazed at your casting distance when you first use it.

Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline - Great Choice

If you forced our hand we would say that Spiderwire Braided Stealth Superline is the best braided line for the money. Spiderwire has been around for a long time and their brand has a great name in the industry. The first spool of braided line I bought that day in Melbourne was actually Spiderwire - great to see the prices have dropped over the years too…

The line is coated with a Fluoropolymer which helps it glide through rod guides easily and gives you a quiet and very fast cast action. Because this line is so much thinner that other braids and traditional line you can get a lot more on your reel.

  • New and Improved Up to 30% Stronger
  • Quiet and smooth casting
  • Fluorocarbon coating
  • Ultra-thin, tight weave construction
  • 100% Dyneema PE microfibers

The line comes in various colour options:

spiderwire moss green braid fishing line

Moss Green

spiderwire braid green

Glo-Vis Green

spiderwire his vis yellow braid

Hi-Vis Yellow

spiderwire camo braid


There are multiple line size options available from 6lb lightweight gear right up to 100lb line if you are chasing monsters in the deep. Rig it up with a mono leader and a decent lure and you will never look back.

Because there is pretty much zero stretch on the spiderwire braided fishing line it is perfect for lightweight fishing or detecting very sensitive bites and to be fair it's probably the best saltwater fishing line I've ever used.


Below is a great video showing how to spool up your Spiderwire Stealth Braid.​

How To Use Braided Fishing Line

Spooling Braided Line

First up lets take a look at spooling up your braided line and there are a few things to look out for straight away to avoid issues when you hook into a prize winner...

​A lot of folks will put a bit of tape around the arbour of their reel to stop the line slipping. Braid is very thin and sometimes quite slick so make sure to either use a bit of tape or perhaps use some mono backing on the spool first. This helps the line sit nice and even throughout the spooling process.

This is not really a problem for newer type reels as most come with a rubber backing on the arbour so no slippage issues there.

A couple of knots you are going to need here are the arbour knot for joining the mono backing to the reel and the uni to uni knot for tying the braid line to the mono line.​

Arbor Knot - Fixing Backing line to reel spool

Uni to Uni Knot - Braid to mono line knot

These two knot are all you need to get you line setup for spooling. Using the mono backing is probably the best way to add braided line to your reel - unless of course you have a shiny new one that comes with a rubber arbour.

​Best knot for leader to braid lines

When tying your mono leader to your braided fishing line you are going to need to use the Albright or improved Albright knot. Rock solid knot that is easy to tie with a bit of practice. If you want to tie yourself an awesome knot then you should go for the FG knot.

This braided fishing line knot takes a bit of effort to get right but once you get the hand of it you will never use anything else. Rock solid and clean on the line it's one of our favorite ways to join braided line to monofilament line., especially on our leader setup.

Cutting Braided Line

One quick tip is you should have the right tools for cutting your braided line. Braid is a lot different to standard fishing line so when you need to cut it make sure your scissors or line cutter is up to the task.

This Boomerang Snip Braid cutters is ideal for cutting braid. Very handy tool that clips onto your belt or shorts and has a retractable tie so it's always close at hand. You can always use a decent nail clippers as well. Make sure it's sharp though or you will end up with frayed ends on all you knots...

Braided line in clear water

One issue we often see with braided line is when the water is very clear you might spook the fish. As design and innovations have moved forward this is not really a problem any more. Because the line is so much thinner than mono and it comes in such a wide variety of colors you are covered. Couple this with the fact that you are going to be fishing a mono leader anyways you have nothing to worry about.

Benefits of fishing Braided line

Compared to fluorocarbon and monofilament line Braid has a much small line diameter so you fit more on your spool. For example a 20lb braided line is the same thickness as a 6lb mono line but with a lot more strength and there is no doubt about it, using braided fishing line on your reel gear is unmatched in terms of performance in the field.

​One of the things you notice straight off the bat with braided line is how sensitive it is. Because it doesn't stretch of hold it's memory you can detect even the most delicate bites, even in deeper water. Plus because of the thin line diameter you won't be as effected by line drag in stronger currents either. If you are lure fishing you will know exactly what is happening at every stage of the return and when fishy decides to take a lump out of your lure you know it's game time...

I mentioned casting distance earlier in this post but you will understand why when you take your first cast with braid on the spool. The smooth slick rounded lines are engineered to cast further. 

​Strength of the line is another factor to consider when fishing braided fishing line. If you are used to fishing rivers and lakes full of debris and heavy cover or seas full of heavy weed and rocks then you will probably save yourself the cost of the new line on your first few fishing trips. The only thing you may have to do to your line is trim of the end every so often for general wear and tear.


That's it for this review on the best braided fishing line. We hope you found it useful and can now make an informed decision on which brand is the best braided line for your next fishing adventure. If you are unsure about what fishing line to use next time you are stocking up then why not try out braided line. You will be glad you did.

Tight lines - with braid on the spool, they always will be...

Happy fishing.​

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