Best Ultra-light Fishing Combo

Don’t let the term ‘ultra-light fishing’ deceive you. Ultra-light fishing is much stronger and sturdier than the name would have you to believe.

The name ultra-light fishing comes from the size and type of the rods and reels that are used. Generally, ultra-light fishing rods and reels are much smaller in comparison to what you would usually see anglers using.

Ultra light fishing combos are great for fishing off the beaten track.

Why ultralight fishing gear?

When you downsize the size of the fishing gear that you use, you are likely to catch a lot more fish on a regular basis than you would if you were fishing with full or medium-sized fishing gear.

Using smaller lures and jigs work great even when fish are too cautious. This ups your chances of winding up with a catch.

Using ultralight fishing gear provides you with more accurate information on what is happening under the surface. It can prove to be vital to understand what is under the water.

Is it a fish or stones, drowned tree branches, etc?

It can help you gauge better, where you should be navigating the blank. Additionally, you won’t get as tired because the fishing gear is so light in weight.

Spending a day on the water, away from the hustle-bustle of the city, can rejuvenate you and help you connect with nature.

To up your angling experience to the next level, we have reviewed top ultralight fishing combos.

Best Ultra Light Fishing Combo Reviews 2020

KastKing Centron Toray IM6 Review

Thinking of introducing your kids to fishing?

Looking to hook a few catches yourself over the weekend?

Looking for a performance-driven rod without disrupting your budget?

There is only one answer to all these questions – the KastKing Centron Toray IM6.

This fishing rod is designed for those looking for an exceptional blank with the rod and a spinning reel already packaged together for an incredible fishing experience.

Toray IM6 is sensitive as well as light in weight. It is a two-piece combo that comes in lengths of six feet and eight feet. Six feet blank is ideal for Trout, Bass, and Panfish.

Eight feet blank is suitable for Steelhead, Catfish, and Salmon. The stainless-steel guides are sturdy and durable with premium O-ring inserts deliver great performance with both mono as well as braided lines.

The rods are specially contoured to offer a snug fit and perfect balance in your hand. This combo features a Centron spinning reel. It has a graphite frame and a rotor. The reel has an aluminum spool and is remarkably smooth. The spinning reel has a triple-disc drag.

It is overall the best ultra-light fishing combo on the market.


  • The design is sleek and lightweight and offers a great grip with a perfect balance
  • Toray IM6 is easily portable in a truck trunk and a kayak
  • It has a smooth reel action with a triple-disc drag


  • Toray IM6 is only suitable for use in freshwater, not saltwater

Cadence CC5 Review

Cadence CC5 combo includes CS5 spinning reel as well as CC5 spinning rod.

The spinning rod is available in various sizes and actions to address the need for any fishing situation.

This spinning rod and reel are made with quality materials and components.

The blank is made with 24-ton graphite.

Cadence CC5 features carbon composite side plates and frames that are resistant to corrosion. The carbon fiber drag offers smooth and powerful action. It features eight ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing for resistance-free operation.

The guides and inserts are made of stainless steel. They are lightweight and durable. The EVA handle knob on Cadence CC5 is ergonomic and comfortable.

This ultra-light fishing combo from Cadence makes for a great addition to your fishing gear collection. It is perfect for freshwater fish such as walleye, trout, and bass, as well as common inshore variety such as the speckled trout, flounder, and redfish.

It is the best ultra-light fishing combo for freshwater on the market.


  • Ergonomic handle knob fits perfectly in hand and provides a good grip
  • It is made with premium quality materials that make it durable and resistant to corrosion
  • Cadence CC5 offers value for your money


  • Though the handle has a good grip, it may slaip and the balance be off slightly over time.

PENN Squall Level Wind Reel Review

Level Wind Reel from the Squall segment is a quality product from the PENN brand.

It has a durable construction. The main gear is made with premium quality marine grade bronze alloy.

This spinning reel features lightweight graphite side plates and frame. Metal body and sturdy side plate keep the gear alignment in check even under heavy loads.

This rod is ultrasensitive.

It features tubular glass blank construction and a solid tip. HT 100 carbon fiber drag washers offer powerful drag without compromising on smoothness.

To eliminate rotor back play, the design includes two ball bearings and an instant anti-reverse bearing. The ball bearings are made with stainless steel. Level Wind Reel has a maximum dragging capacity of fifteen lbs.

Level Wind Reel has no-slip handle that offers great traction and a firm grip. This spinning reel remains a popular choice among saltwater anglers for its power and performance.

Its sturdy build holds out well even in strong water currents.

It is the best ultra-light fishing combo in terms of durability.


  • Level Wind Reel is made with premium materials such as marine grade bronze alloy, graphite, HT 100 carbon fiber, and stainless steel
  • HT 100 carbon fiber drag washers offer smooth dragging action of up to fifteen lbs
  • It delivers flawless performance even in rough waters


  • Slightly expensive compared to competing brands