Looking for the best tackle for your next fishing trip or day out. We review tackle options like rods, reels, fishing line, lures, baits and so much more.

Salmon Eggs for Trout Fishing

Trout Fishing With Salmon Eggs

Salmon eggs fished upstream for trout and left to drift into the pools holding the fish stock are deadly. Drift around rocks and you will catch a few nice trout.

Best Spinning Rod

We take a look at the best spinning rod options available on a budget. This guide covers great quality rods and exceptional value for money.
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Best Spinning Rod for Trout

Today we are going to find the best spinning rod for trout fishing and go through some of the options you need to look out for when deciding on which brand of trout rod you should buy.
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Best Trout Worms

A quick look at the best plastic worms available for trout fishing. There are a few basics when it comes to bait selection and I tent to stick to the following

Best Hooks for Trout Fishing

Today lets explore trout hook sizes and the use case for each one to get you landing more fish. Getting the right hook size can make or break your fishing trip.
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best bass lures

Best Bass Lures (Updated)

Bass fishing techniques change all the time.So do the lures used to catch these prize fishHave you got the right kit in your tackle bag?Well let's have a look...​Like everything in life things change, modern technology and advances move…
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snake proof boots

Snake Proof Boots Buying Guide and Review 2018

Being the outdoorsy type, I have hiked, fished and camped all over. This stretches from the Amazon Rain Forest in Brazil, the sandy deserts of Africa to the Outback of Australia. Do you know what all these places have in common? Venomous Snakes! My…