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catch trout with lures

Best Trout Lures For Lakes And Rivers

Is there anything better than watching a big trout take a bite out of a well positioned lure? I was always a traditional trout fisherman, catching trout with worms on a float for deeper waters and lakes or a wet or dry fly for fishing rivers…
best fluorocarbon line guide

Best Fluorocarbon Fishing Line Review and Top 3

If you are chasing fish that spook easily or fishing very clear water then you are going to need to fish with fluorocarbon line - at least as your leader anyway.The near invisibility of this line in the water is what makes or breaks your fishing…

Best Braided Fishing Line Guide And Top 3 Review

​I first stumbled across braided fishing line in Australia about 10 years ago.An Italian / Aussie friend of mine had always promised me some big fish if I ever made it to Melbourne and I finally made it...At the time I was fishing fairly decent…