A variety of fishing reels including spinning, baitcasting, and fly fishing reels

Unraveling the Reel Deal: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types Fishing Reels

Understand the strengths and applications of different types fishing reels to make an informed choice for your angling pursuits. Our article breaks down the essentials of spincast, spinning, baitcasting, fly fishing, and offshore reels, providing…
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The Different Types of Fishing Rods and Reels: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning to go fishing but not sure which fishing reel and rod to use? With so many types of fishing reels and rods available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you.   Most anglers will have different reel…
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Lake Trout Lures

We love fishing lakes and our target species for this post is the lake trout. Learn about our favorite lake trout lures, how to rig up, the techniques we use.
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Best Steelhead Bait

Who doesn't love fishing steelhead? A superior fish that is great fun to catch. If you can get them to take your bait. Winter steelhead fishing is one of my favorites and using something like some fresh Salmon roe, prawns or a shrimp…
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Best Ultra-light Fishing Combo

To up your angling experience to the next level, we have reviewed top ultralight fishing combos. Fishing light tackle is a great sport even with small fish.
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Best Spinning Rod for Trout

Today we are going to find the best spinning rod for trout fishing and go through some of the options you need to look out for when deciding on which brand of trout rod you should buy.
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Trout Lures

We review the best trout lures for catching fish in rivers, lakes and small streams. From fishing clear fast moving water to muddy flood waters.

Best Spinning Rod

We take a look at the best spinning rod options available on a budget. This guide covers great quality rods and exceptional value for money.