Do Trout Have Teeth

Yes, trout have teeth, but you only need to worry about larger trout if you are concerned about getting bitten.

Large trout have 2 rows of teeth called vomerine teeth on the inner roof of their mouth. Used mainly to grip and hold onto their prey, these teeth can be quite sharp.

Put it to you this way, don’t go sticking your fingers into a large trout’s mouth or you will know about it. – You should be using a forceps or fishing pliers to remove you lure or bait hook anyway.

They do have a row of smaller sharp teeth just inside their lip but nothing too dangerous.

trout teeth

Smaller trout have minute teeth in the roof of their mouths and if for any reason you have to stick a finger in there to remove a hook they will feel a bit like sandpaper, rough and gritty.

I caught a bit laker trout a few years ago and no matter what i did with my forceps I couldn’t remove the embedded hook.

Last resort was to use my fingers – bad move. I ended up with a nice chomp mark on the end of my index finger. Not ideal and because trout have a mouth full of bacteria I had to leave the fishing spot and go dissenfect the cut.

Ideally this should never happen because you should always – whenever possible use a pliers or hook remover to get your hooks out. This is less streesful on the fish – especially if you practice catch and release.

Recommended Fishing Pliers

A decent pair of fishing pliers or scissors really helps protect your catch from any unnessary stress or damage when it comes to unhooking or removing a lure.

These 7-in-one shears from American Angler are ideal. Made from stainless steel and complete with 7 different tools they should be in your tackle bag. period.