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Trout Fishing With Salmon Eggs

Salmon Eggs For Trout

If you are looking for a natural trout bait then you need to have a fish with Salmon eggs.

Pretty much every animal that lives in or on a Salmon river or stream will eat these juicy little eggs.

Salmon Eggs for Trout Fishing

They float downstream during the spawning season and trout love them.

Rigging salmon eggs for trout couldn’t be easier and I’ll show you a few simple techniques I use later on.

For now, I want to provide a bit of background into how to use Salmon Eggs and why they are deadly on trout.

Before fancy trout lures and synthetic or manmade baits trout have gorged on Salmon eggs.

It’s bred into them from birth and that ain’t ever gonna change.

Rigging Salmon Eggs for Trout.

Remember that Salmon eggs float so you need to present your bait in the same way or risk missing some great fish.

A single salmon egg hook like these from Gamakatsu are perfect on some very light line.

A 2-4lb leader is plenty unless there are some monsters in the swim. Tie this in with a snell knot for extra strength.

You can attach this leader to anything you want but keep your setup as light as you can get away with.

how to rig a salmon egg to catch trout

Rigging a Salmon Egg for Trout

Use a Uni to Uni knot to make this connection rock solid.

Add a couple of split shot a foot or so up the line and add in a bobber set to your swim depth.

Your rod should be medium to fast action and a light duty spinning reel is all you need.

Oh – and a net for landing all the fish you are going to catch. 🙂

How to fish Salmon Eggs for Trout

Salmon eggs fished upstream and left to drift into the pools holding the fish stock are deadly.

Drift one around large rocks or snags and you will catch a few nice trout.

Cast them into the end of fast run-in water where it begins to slow down and the trout will hit it your bait like a hammer.

I have had some great luck casting upstream against the far bank of smaller rivers. Many nice trout have been fished out of the shadows.

Their natural instinct is to eat Salmon eggs so a well-presented bait works every time.

Sometimes if things are a bit quiet I may add a second egg to the hook and try to hide any sign of the hook.

This work great on well-fished rivers.

I practice catch and release when I fish and fishing Salmon eggs on trout rivers work well for me.

The smaller hook size results in a lot of fish caught in the lip scissor so it’s easy to remove without harming the fish.

I try as often as I can to not even take the fish out of the water. And remember to wet your hands before you touch the fish (if you have to)

Best Salmon Eggs for Trout

Natural Bait

If you are looking for a fully natural bait then Pautzke Bait Balls O’Fire Salmon Eggs are perfect.

A jar of these will last you a long time and keep when not in use. Stick them in the fridge and you are good to go.

Because they are natural they may be a bit softer than their synthetic cousins but they are deadly on trout.

One or two of these on a hook and the trout will bite all day long.

One thing to note is they do not float so fish them on a bobber rig to keep them up in the swim.

Scented Salmon Eggs

Looking for that extra attractant on your bait?

Something like these Atlas Mike’s Garlic Salmon Egg Trout Fishing Bait are perfect.

Dosed in Garlic scented oil these eggs are fantastic for filling you keep net full of stocked trout.

Their bright colour helps them stand out in the water and trout can see and smell them a mile away 🙂
They cannot resist having a go at these eggs.

Powerbait Salmon Eggs flavour

Finally, if you are not too worried about fishing natural baits then you have to try Powerbait.

The best trout bait on the market bar none.

Mold a small piece of this doughy mixture onto your hooks and watch the trout rip it out of the water.

This particular choice has natural salmon egg scent with some added glitter to help draw in the fish.

A jar of this stuff will last you for quite a while.

When all else fails and the fish won’t bite stick some of this on the hook and hold on tight.

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