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White Bass Lures and Sand Bass Fishing Tips

best white bass lures and fishing tips

Often called Sand Bass, White Bass can be found in most water systems across the States.

These small fish are great sport and when you find a feeding shoal you can literally flip them out of the water one after the other.

That sounds great...

White Bass fishing in the Spring can be electric because small Shads and minnows are starting to make their way upstream. This doesn't go unnoticed by schools of hungry Bass...

Pro TIP: You will very often see birds diving into the water to whip up a handy lunch of Shad and you can be guaranteed that the Bass are picking them off under the water as well. The Shads will be going crazy and jumping out of the water trying to escape.

This is your chance to bag a few nice fish for yourself, but on a good day you could fill your boat as the Bass will be in a feeding frenzy and lunge at anything that looks remotely like a Shad.

You can fish with topwater lures or shallow swimmers like the Rapala Jointed Shallow Shad, jigheads trailing a soft plastic or use any of the spinners from the Mepps range and you are good to go.

But what lures should you definitely have in your tackle box to catch White Bass?

Best White Bass Lures

Storm WildEye Swim Shad 03 (Baby Bass, Size- 3)
  • These ultra-realistic swim shad baits feature super-soft hand-poured bodies that are so lifelike, you might be tempted to take a bite yourself
  • Sporting strong soft bodies with internal lead heads and bio-salt impregnated tails
  • These durable baits are pre-rigged with a superior VMC needle point hooks. 3 per pack
  • 0.25 Oz
  • An excellent holographic swimmin’ foil finish and crazy 3-D WildEye stare
Mepp's Black Fury Dressed Bass Fishing Lure Pocket Pack
  • Black Fury Bass Drsd Kit,
  • All Mepps Black Furies feature solid brass bodies and blades
  • Mepps #3 Black Fury - White Dot
  • All three of these lures are ideal for trophy bass
Rapala Shallow Shad Rap 07 Fishing lure (Shad, Size- 2.75)
  • Balsa wood construction under incredible finishes make this the lure big fish find irresistible.
  • Shallow Running Lip Design
  • Classic Rapala "wounded-minnow" wobble
  • Built tough with hard-diving lips and sharp treble hooks, these legendary lures have the power to survive even the toughest fights.
  • The Shallow Shad Rap is perfect for fishing skinny water
Mister Twister 3"" Sassy Shad, White Pearl (3SA10-1P)
  • Country Of Origin : United States
  • The Package Height Of The Product Is 0.76 Centimeters
  • The Package Length Of The Product Is 8.64 Centimeters
  • The Package Width Of The Product Is 6.6 Centimeters
Berkley Flicker Shad Fishing Lure, Black Silver, 3/16 oz, 2in | 5cm Crankbaits, Size, Profile and Dive Depth Imitates Real Shad, Equipped with Fusion19 Hook
  • BERKLEY FLICKER SHAD FRESHWATER CRANKBAIT: Pro designed and tournament proven, Berkley Flicker Shad fishing lures are essential for any trolling angler.
  • ENTICING ACTION: Designed to mimic a fleeing baitfish, these crank baits dive to attract bass and other game fish. With a unique weight transfer, the lures create bullet-like casts.
  • REALISTIC PROFILE: With a size, profile and dive depth that imitates a real shad, predatory fish can't help but attack the flicker shad.
  • SHARP AND STOUT FUSION19 HOOKS: Equipped with sticky sharp Fusion19 hooks for easy penetration and great holding ability even in the toughest fights.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Lure Size: 3/16 oz, 2in | 5cm. Color: Black Silver. Swimming Depth: 9’-11’ | 2.7m-3.4m. Hook Size: 8. Number of Hooks: 2.

My Favorite White Bass Lure - The Sassy Shad

The Sassy shad is made by Mr Twister and is dynamite on a school of Bass chasing jumpers. Just cast it straight into the swim and hold on tight. The realistic swimming style of this particular lure is irresistible to hungry White Bass.

Couple these with a jog head and thats it, time to fill the boat. I prefer white or similar to mimmic the Shads in the water.

They are a great all rounder lure for this type of fishing and because of the hook setup you can fish them near weeds without worrying to much about getting snagged.

Mister Twister 3SA10-31 Sassy Shad Swimbait, 3", 1/4 oz, White, One Size
  • Item Package Dimension: 3.1L x 2.1W x 0.3H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 0.11 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - FISHING HOOK

Don't forget to pick yourself up a few jig heads to go with the soft lures. They ain't much good without them...

The best bait for White Bass has to be live minnows, if you have the time is to net yourself some. Fishing live bait is second to none if you come across a school of White Bass . You are essentially using exactly what they are feeding on to catch them. Grab yourself a minnow net and stock up.

If the fish are on you will need plenty so we recommend getting yourself something like the Eagle Claw minnow net.

How To Catch White Bass

One technique for catching Sand Bass that works every time for us is to watch the water for 'jumpers' and feeding birds. Usually seen on lakes and wide river systems this is a sure sign that the Bass are on.

They will be feeding on the small baitfish migrating upstream. When you see this head up towards the feeding area and cast your lure straight into the middle of it. The bites and fish will come quick and hard.

Fishing for White Bass with lures or live bait is the most common method of catching these predatory fish who mainly feed on live bait. A live minnow hooked through the lip or a soft plastic on a jig head work without fail.

When the fishing slows or stops completely then it's time to have another look around and start spotting for jumpers again. Move your boat close to the action and cast into the middle of it all again.

The only challenge you will have on the day is keeping you boat afloat because it will be weighed down with fish!

We have been asked how to catch white bass in the summer. Well the standard answer is always the same. You won't have the usual run of small bait fish but use an affordable fish finder and you will be able to locate the fish - the rest is fishing as usual.

Here is a great video by Fle Fly fishing giving you plenty of tips and tricks for catching White Bass. They are using a Fle Fly Go Go Minnow which is performing brilliantly for them. Well worth putting a few in your tackle box. You should also check out their bendable minnow. This is also an awesome lure.

So that's it for this quick look at the best white bass lures we use to catch these great fish time and time again. If you are after common bass then you should check out this review: best bass lures of 2017

Have you a go-to lure that you use and catch great fish? Let us know in the comments.

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